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Synonyms for purple-black

of black tinged with purple

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com or 877/674-4714) has gorgeous double mauve 'Kingston Cardinal', purple-black 'Onyx Odyssey', and pink speckled 'Phoebe' (above).
They can be wonderfully diverse, growing in all shapes, sizes, and colors-yellow, orange, pink, purple-black, and even green with stripes.
The blooms have an exquisite purple-black flare in the throat of the funnel-shaped flower.
One is Purple Queen, which has very dark purple-black pods.
The plants were about three feet, as tall as I could remember, but those succulent purple-black fruit remained as hard as small marbles right through to the end of October.
Its fleshy purple-black berries are eaten by birds which drop its seeds - that eventually sprout and grow into new plants - all over the islands.
With flavors ranging from sweet to tart and coloring that spans blue to purple-black, blueberries are the sapphires of fruit," says Frances Dillard, Director of Marketing for Driscoll's.
TULIPS Red, yellow, white, cream, purple-black, they flower from March to May.
Decant this purple-black nectar and inhale the opulent and exuberant nose before sipping a mouthful of fleshy black fruit .
Among site founder Gary Ibsen's favorites for Northern California are pink 'Julia Child', purple-black 'Black Prince' and 'Paul Robeson', red 'Aussie', and yellow-orange 'Kellogg's Breakfast'.
The S&S version has distinctive 18in alloy wheels and an unusual paint job finished in a sort of purple-black, which Nissan rather dangerously refers to as Nightshade.
AEONIUM arboreum Swartkop produces rosettes of deep purple-black leaves and is beautifully architectural with branches that rise from near the base, forming candelabralike clumps.
Bing cherries range in color from red to mahogany or purple-black.
California grows some 50 varieties of table grapes--98 percent of the nation's commercial supply--including green Thompson seedless; sweet, purple-black Autumn Royal; and spicy-sweet Crimson Seedless.