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Synonyms for purple

of imperial status

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become purple

of a color intermediate between red and blue

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excessively elaborate or showily expressed

belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler

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Purple is a comfort technology company with a vision to improve how people sleep, sit and stand.
As contemplated by the LOI, Purple founders Terry and Tony Pearce would retain a majority shareholder position in the combined public company with Sam Bernards continuing to lead the combined company as CEO.
The legal fight between Purple and HMR has been going on for the last couple of months, but a post on the (https://www.
The Purple Heart is our Nation's symbol of military sacrifice, said Hershel Gober, National Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.
Caption: Purple potatoes, blackberries, and eggplant are examples of health-protective purple produce.
The hard handle is a fixing structure that is moulded by purple clay and sintered on the pot body.
WD Purple includes exclusive firmware enhancements that enable improved playback and minimize interruptions within a surveillance system.
uk, PS50 PS50 SOFA Purple simmone corner sofa, Debenhams, www.
The company said its victory in a dispute with rival Nestle over purple packaging did not amount to a bid to copyright all shades of purple, but merely to protect the Cadbury purple associated with its milk chocolate.
Purple can be seen on an abundance of garments for Autumn, from vivacious violets to deep amethyst tones, ranging from powerful prints to block colour, the options are endless, exciting and very fashionable.
8220;I am thrilled to participate in this effort to 'cover, protect, and save lives' through Code Purple,” explains Purple Pebble owner, Heather Groll De Vaul.
The follow-up to the award-winning picturebook/board book "My Purple Toes" (9780983477808, $15.
The purple urine bag is a visually striking and rarely seen side effect of a urinary tract infection.
The charity is encouraging people to get creative and organise Purple Days to fundraise for what has become the fifth commonest cause of cancer death and yet only receives 1% of overall research funding.
Not to be outdone by Salisbury's - which launched Purple Majesty spuds from Albert Harriett last week - Tesco is introducing a purple potato of its own.