purl stitch

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a basic knitting stitch


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make with purl stitches

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In other words, if you draw an imaginary line between a knit and purl stitch on the last row worked down to the cast-on row, the line would go through the center of a bottom loop, making each loop half-knit/half-purl, or vice versa.
At the remaining short end, insert the needle into the first purl stitch toward the fabric wrong side.
Lynsey, 27, said: "My flatmate Jen and I had a knitting circle for about three years and the boys would often come over and try to get to grips with their purl stitch.
When using a zigzag stitch to finish an edge, select a very narrow satin stitch to mimic a tight serge or purl stitch.
If you can do a knit stitch and purl stitch, you can do anything as long as you've got the patience and focus.
To create the next purl stitch (Figures 2 and 3), take needle away from you, over both strands, under both strands, up to grab front strand and pull it under back strand to make loop on needle.
Rib-knit sizes are based on the number of knit stitch wales and purl stitch wales.