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any of several bases that are derivatives of purine

a colorless crystalline organic base containing nitrogen

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Because purine bases and cytosine are found in both RNA and DNA, the concentrations of purine and cytosine are higher than that of uracil [17].
Excretion of purine derivatives in cows: endogenous contribution and recovery of exogenous purine bases.
Determination of rumen microbial-nitrogen production in sheep: a comparison of urinary purine excretion with methods using 15N and purine bases as markers of microbial-nitrogen entering the duodenal.
This result is of interest for the analytical determination of DNA fragments with random amounts of pyrimidine and purine bases.
Although scientists have shown that the purine bases, adenine and guanine, form readily under simulated early Earth conditions, they have also noted that the pyrimidine bases, cytosine and uracil, do not.