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  • verb

Synonyms for purify

Synonyms for purify

to make or become clear by the removal of impurities

to free from sin, guilt, or defilement

Synonyms for purify

remove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation

make pure or free from sin or guilt

become clean or pure or free of guilt and sin

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Yeen Seok-jin, vice president of digital appliances business at Samsung Electronics, who was present at the briefing, said innovative functions of the company's air purifier have been recognized globally, citing that it took the top spot at the Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index for the 12th consecutive year.
However, I would not recommend purchasing it for a price of Rs 21,990 and would rather direct your attention to similarly priced purifiers with smart capabilities.
USPRwire, Thu May 04 2017] Increasing pollution, higher disposable income, increasing purchasing power of the customers, growing awareness among the people, people concentrating more on the health factor are some of the driving forces in the Air Purifier market in China.
When he consulted the doctor, he was advised to use air purifier.
RO technology based water purifiers segment is estimated to account for slightly over 40% of the total POU water purifiers market in MENA region in 2014.
In order to overcome health problems caused due to poor air quality, increasing number of people in the country are buying air purifiers to safeguard themselves from adverse health effects of air pollution.
Starting September 1, you can experience the convenience, comfort and confidence that the Cuckoo Water Purifier brings.
Autonomous air purifiers too will be increasingly deployed, chiefly in offices, museums and large indoor spaces.
Having been the first brand to launch air purifiers in India, the company has geared up yet again to undertakea massive initiative to reinvent its distribution strategy.
Retailers also view air purifiers as a category with great potential.
BHUBANESWAR -- The water purifier market in India is expected to grow 229 per cent, up from Rs.
Try the extremely compact and lightweight SteriPEN battery-operated UV purifiers (www.
The Italian company has already installed similar public air purifiers at 26 locations in Spain, six in Switzerland, and seven in Italy.
CONSUMERS' GROWING CONCERNS FOR THE environment have increased their interest in air and water purifiers.
launched a new range of air purifiers, combining effectiveness, convenience, portability and quiet operation.