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a temporary condition of torment or suffering

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(theology) in Roman Catholic theology the place where those who have died in a state of grace undergo limited torment to expiate their sins

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Zenarosa has also asked the question: 'Where did the doctrine of purgatory come from?
As he sees it, the Trump administration has not removed the possibility of Hell from GMO's investment forecasts, but it has given the group "some hope that we may be able to figure out whether we are in Purgatory or Hell within the next few years," which would get us out of Limbo.
Purgatory Road is meant for people who like breakneck pacing and a somewhat mystical plot.
She considers how the religious and intellectual concepts from the Oxford movement, particularly purgatory and gradual transformation in theology, influenced Victorian fiction by Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Henry James, John Henry Newman, and Virginia Woolf.
The strong points lie in Kate's description of Lilith's purgatory and the setting, with beautiful imagery and a creative take including snow globes and a mall food court.
And the section that houses it at the National Museum of African Art's exhibit "The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell Revisited by Contemporary African Artists" (through Nov.
Simpson took more than a dozen measurements along the side of the main road leading through Purgatory Chasm, even though he is scheduled for hip replacement surgery later this month.
Are readers of Catholic Insight aware that there is a purgatory museum in Rome?
Jeselito Vadellis of the Army Chaplain Service, who officiated the mass, said in his homily that the field mass is offered in all Catholic churches for the souls in purgatory.
Allan has stated in an interview that the original title was Mother Mary under a Bed of Carrots however her agent, Michael Gifkins, shrewdly suggested Purgatory which Allan came to prefer and presumably most readers would also whole heartedly approve of the change.
Abbie is not returning from the purgatory soon and when she returns, it will not be back to normal between her and Ichabod.
Talking of the medieval, perhaps Maureen should consider the recent deliberations of the Roman Catholic Church on the doctrine of Purgatory.
After all, The Dream is a poetic vision of purgatory, one of the most Catholic of subjects, and it was published in 1865, little more than twenty years after Newman caused tremendous upset by proposing the possibility of an Anglican purgatory in Tract 90 (1841), the most inflammatory document of the Oxford Movement.
Austin maintains that "in purgatory (our masters tell us) we shall be mystics, whether or not any one of us had on earth the divine contacts and illuminations of the mystical state.
The fine English translation of award winning novelist Tomas Eloy Martinez's Spanish language novel Purgatorio by renowned translator Frank Wynne in English as Purgatory immediately calls forth Dante's Italian masterpiece Inferno, with particular focus on the section entitled "Purgatorio" ("Purgatory").