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Synonyms for purgatorial

serving to purify of sin

Synonyms for purgatorial

serving to purge or rid of sin

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If, as Protestantism asserted, there was no purgatory, then there was only either heaven or hell, not some murky purgatorial place (like quicksand) where the dead went to wait until the living prayed them into heaven.
The approach of purgatorial suffering, not flights of angels, accompanied this Hamlet's soul to what seemed to be further unrest.
This purgatorial quartet offered few fresh insights into the body images and fractured identities of contemporary women.
Moody, in agreement with Elizabeth Drew, has suggested that the oneness of fire and rose must be related to the Purgatorial aspect of the final encounter, which invokes Arnaut Daniel, who suffers in Dante's movement toward divine union (258-59).
In a work that anticipates the minimalism of Beckett's drama, Yeats envisions a world in which the dead are more alive than the living, and in which all are condemned to repeat endlessly the purgatorial cycles of a malignant political history.
In examining their lives and works, Rios Avila focuses on the notion of exile "as a kind of intermediate, purgatorial in-betweenness .
The "central intrigue in Part II," Sullivan attests, "concerns Sancho's blithely announced project to sainthood (DQII:8); the providential purification emanating from this project; and the knight's purgatorial progress towards a model Christian death, salvation and immortality" (59).
Two months later a round, bearded bald man, who on wings of gorgeous ecstatic poetry had been a frequent visitor to Paradise, also arrived (after a brief but intense and enlightening purgatorial for having supported the North American Man-Boy Love Association) to take up permanent residence: Allen Ginsberg.
For the first purgatorial fire is as it were the shadow and picture of the second; because, just as the shadow and picture of material fire does not cause any pain, but the material fire itself causes severe pain or burning, so the fire of penance has no bitterness in comparison to that of the second puratorial fire.
Pite locates integrity (in his authors and his own critical practice) in acts of vigilant attention; but vigilance can take the form of self-annulling utterance: 'Dante may put a purgatorial construction on his experience and see it retrospectively as redemptive, but he denies that interpretation immediacy by distancing himself from the point of vantage it requires' (p.
Lee describes in intimate detail her journey and arrival in America - "my purgatorial cabin with its nauseating smells"; the threatening night-watchman who creeps down each night to have sex with a mother and daughter in a nearby bunk; an epidemic breaking out on board ship; arriving to humiliation as the fourth-class passengers were stripped naked and disinfected.
Augustine admitted that there might be some post mortem purgatorial fire for certain individuals, but tried to diminish its importance.
Naipaul can be numbered within that group of contemporary literary figures--others are Christa Wolf and Salman Rushdie--consigned by their critics to a purgatorial, if not infernal, circle reserved for literary ingrates.
Divine Comedy, has Vergil lead him through the infernal and purgatorial regions, considering him the wisest and most closely Christian of the ancient pagan poets.
Following required spiritual training at the Holy Igitur Monastery, K embarks on a Dantean pilgrimage across space, passing from a hellish, impoverished Earth to the purgatorial planet Loulan, and finally achieving the verdant paradise of Bosch.