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a steady sound without overtones

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The aims of this study were to summarize the clinical manifestations and audiological characteristics of AN, to explore the roles of pure tone audiometry, acoustic immittance test, auditory brainstem response test and distortion product (DP) otoacoustic emission test in AN diagnosis, to investigate whether AN was complicated with vestibular function disorders or other nervous system diseases, and importantly, to provide valuable evidence for future clinical and experimental studies on AN.
Pure Tone Audiogram was performed, which showed conductive hearing loss (Figure-4).
A complex pure tone has better frequency targeting, but it is monotonic and piercing, making it difficult for patients to tolerate longterm treatment.
Pure Tone Audiometry was performed in the Department of ENT, CMH Lahore in a sound proof room by using the Interacoustics Clinical Audiometer AC33.
Results: Pure tone audiometry (PTA) of 448 industry workers showed that 39(8.
Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between the auditory performance for pure tone and speech and cognitive performance in elderly patients, considering that both the deterioration of auditory sensory input and cognitive skills have consequences for communication and functionality of the elderly population.
If proven to be accurate and comparable to the gold standard pure tone audiometry, it could become a revolutionary screening tool for detecting hearing impairment as these devices are very popular among people from all spectra and much cheaper compared to the conventional audiogram.
Subjects were questioned to elicit otological and general medical conditions, underwent an ear, nose and throat examination, provided serum samples and a pure tone average hearing test was conducted.
The SRO is a pure tone screening procedure in which a one-octave individualized (by ear) range of frequencies at the high-frequency limit of hearing is monitored for change during treatment.
On preoperative pure tone audiometry, air-bone gaps were 24, 25, 38, and 33 dB.
Acoustic trauma was induced by a continuous pure tone of 6 kHz, at 120 dB SPL for 30 minutes.
Some of the hearing tests may include a tuning fork, pure tone audiogram, and bone conduction hearing or a speech audiogram.
When struck, the lithophone emits a pure tone, like a bar on a xylophone.
This discovery indicates that pure tone communication was already exploited by animals in the middle Jurassic, some 165 million years ago," Professor Robert said.