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Synonyms for culture

Synonyms for culture

the total product of human creativity and intellect

enlightenment and excellent taste resulting from intellectual development

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for culture

the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group

all the knowledge and values shared by a society

(biology) the growing of microorganisms in a nutrient medium (such as gelatin or agar)

a highly developed state of perfection

the attitudes and behavior that are characteristic of a particular social group or organization

grow in a special preparation

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The isolation of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria was done according to the conventional method.
At both temperatures numerous colonies of yeast-like fungus were obtained in pure cultures within 24 hours (Figure-2).
Besides co-culture with methanogens, most SPOB can grow on special substrates in pure culture, such as pyruvate, fumarate, and crotonate (Nilsen et al.
This proves the possibility of using a pure culture of Staphylococcus xylosus in dulce de leche, aiming at helping with development of special aroma, taste and texture to such products.
These tests require 24 hours of incubation after pure culture on an agar medium for reliable detection of MRSA.
The productivity of a selective culture broth should permit the development of a pure culture of the strain desired with an inoculate of 20 cells or less (13); thus, the number of CFU [ml.
Brad and I believed that we were the first to induce a malolactic fermentation from a pure culture.
Ka3 150/150 (100%) Pure culture Uncultured AOB 150/150 (100%) Meadow soil, Osterfelder Kopf Germany Nitrosospira sp.
Methods: Over a period of five months (January to May 2003), organisms grown in pure culture and in significant numbers from urine sample were identified by standard biochemical tests and antibiotic susceptibility determined by disc diffusion method.
It's pure culture shock: Yu Shui is thrown into a unfamiliar mix of corporate work ethic, middle-class customers and a managerial attitude that immediately gives all employees English names--Yu Shui becomes "Cindy"; her co-worker Chen Bo Yu is "Jerry.
Starting with a pure culture or single colonies of the grown organisms, species identification is usually accomplished by a comprehensive determination of phenotypic profiles including Gram stain results, morphology, growth requirements, biochemical or biophysical properties, and when available, specific antigen or agglutination tests.
based Pure Culture Consulting, those independents who remain focused on strategy and differentiating through people will undoubtedly weather the supermarket storm.
The epibiotic bacterium was grown in pure culture, and both organisms were identified on the basis of their 16S rRNA gene sequence.
But I hope I have given you something of a flavor of a country that, in pure culture as it were, embodied all that Peter Bauer was opposed to.