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Synonyms for purdah

a state of social isolation


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the traditional Hindu or Muslim system of keeping women secluded

a screen used in India to separate women from men or strangers

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Your faith won't disappear if you appear for exam on one day without a head scarf or a purdah.
When I leave, I am escorted by two or three into another house quite near, where there are one or two purdah women.
Yes, being prisoners of their tribal norms, they are sensitive that living in a camp could expose their women folks' purdah.
The gist of her story is that she was not persuaded or convinced by any member of her family that she should observe purdah on the basis of any religious dictates.
But, the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board said the meeting was against the rules of purdah - despite similar hustings taking place at the centre in the past.
Some of the letters threatened that if purdah was not observed in schools, then teachers and administrative heads will have to bear the consequences.
The Conservatives say it is convention that publicly funded services maintain impartiality during a period of purdah - the period of time between the dissolution of Parliament and the General Election.
Purdah is the customary seclusion and segregation of women from stranger men and the world outside homes.
This was despite having two wives already, who lived in purdah in Jaipur.
1930); and the Purdah Club at Simla (likely established sometime in the 1920s or 1930s).
Tales from both exercises are testimony to the resourcefulness and resilience of large and small companies in these difficult times, and it's only the MX rules of purdah that stop me from telling them all now.
Other topics include cultural relativism and female circumcision, cross-cultural comparison and aging, cultural imperialism and missionism, gender stratification and purdah, inequality and same-sex marriage, and popular culture and the media.
By the way, while we languish in purdah does this mean that we can stop cutting cheques for the ACC and other international confabs?
The Indian word purdah refers to a screen used to separate men and women.
There has been concern that family welfare assistants visiting women at home would reinforce female dependency, seclusion and purdah, preventing improvements in women's status that might otherwise have occurred.
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