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Synonyms for purchasable

capable of being bribed

Synonyms for purchasable

capable of being corrupted

available for purchase


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Then, by the 1770s, a small number took the next step and began to petition for total whiteness, which became an official option when the whitening gracias al sacar was added to the price list of purchasable favours in 1795.
Similar to the "Disney Vault," social commerce sites create an artificial scarcity by limiting the purchasable time and quantity, and by providing provisional coupons.
aACAo Purchasable items - Parcel boxes, envelopes and aerogrammes can be bought.
Jacksonville Bancorp said that the number of shares of the company's common stock purchasable upon exercise of the subscription rights will be calculated based on the total number of outstanding shares of the company's common stock held by the eligible shareholders on August 20, 2013.
The media was 'practically bought up' and nearly 'every elite was purchasable.
Summary: DUBAI - Shaikh Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), opened today Design Days Dubai, the first design fair of its kind in the Middle East, bringing the most exclusive selection of purchasable, limited edition design to the region.
According to its website, Friendgiftr was set up in 2008 in California and was the first e-commerce company to commercialise innovative shopping platforms, more specifically social media and mobile phones, through the introduction of purchasable gift cards.
SUNNY comes with a standard manufacturer's warranty of 2 years/50,000kms (whichever is earlier), and an extended purchasable warranty of 2 years/30,000 kms.
Their intention is, during the next few years, to publish in paperback volumes, purchasable individually, the whole Pushkin corpus in English translation, with appropriate commentaries and background material.
it's easily purchasable by anyone to give an artistic touch to their homes, and it also promotes the talent of the younger generation (of artists)," said Zuhair.
Now with the advent of computers and desktop publishing software it takes only minutes to turn a manuscript into a purchasable item--at least in a digitally published form such as Kindle, and not so very much longer for turning that manuscript into a traditional print edition through self-publishing, either directly under the authors own imprint, or indirectly through a POD (publish on demand) company.
The actress offered the style advice on her website GOOP, listing her favourite spring pieces "for the office or leisure time", all purchasable at high-end shopping site Netaporter.
Chains of cell phone sellers sprung up all over the country with the newest designs purchasable a few weeks after their universal debut.
95, initially purchasable through inflight portals on AirTran Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America.