puppy love

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temporary love of an adolescent

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The time and love showered on Godrick has also earned national attention, with the Puppy Love Program awarded the Silver "Stevie Award" as Public Relations Campaign of The Year at the 10th Annual American Business Awards.
This well-mannered 5-year-old is more puppy love than Norse god and wields kisses not hammers, but he does insist on being your sole canine companion.
New York, Dec 2 ( ANI ): One Canadian university is giving its college students just what they need to get away from exam stress - a little puppy love.
These fans are dwarfed by a couple of golf giants at the Irish Open at Royal Portrush THEY CALL IT PUPPY LOVE Lucky dogs Tadhg and Caoimhe paw model Holly Carpenter at the Irish Greyhound Derby launch HATS OFF TO RORY - NOT
I have a very different perspective on the "Born Different" campaign ["Spare Us the Puppy Love," September 12], and I wanted to share it with your readers.
An example: romance stories are out -- puppy love is OK.
And they call it puppy love as one-year-old Shannon says hello to one of her favorite little dogs.
Donny made his musical debut on the Andy Williams Show at the age of five singing with his brothers The Osmonds and went on to have a successful solo career with hits such as Puppy Love and The Twelfth of Never.
With universal conflicts, such as how to get along in a crowd, what to wear, father problems, stepmother interference, puppy love, sibling rivalry, peer competition and more, Goddesses transcends time.
Puppy Love Man's (and woman's) best friend for centuries, dogs were first domesticated as early as 12,000 B.
Frederic's puppy love for Mme Arnoux is at first steadfast and idealistic, and she remains faithful to her rather frivolous husband.
Larger video screen for the "Weekly Puppy Love Video" collection.
Henry and Lola" is a poetry perfected puppy love story, illustrated with bright, edgy scenes of daily life in a glamorous, busy Boston hotel.
PUPPY love was in the air at a North East college after four-month-old pooch Freddie paid a visit to students during Guide Dogs Week.