puppy love

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temporary love of an adolescent

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PUPPY love was in the air in Coventry with the arrival of one of the country's most popular mutts - busy celebrating his 20th birthday.
YOU'RE A Star host Brian Ormond revealed yesterday he has found the puppy love of his life.
Two rows back, just as the first bars of Puppy Love echoed around the arena, a woman began to sob.
PUPPY love is set to hit kids' TV favourites The Tweenies.
FORMER EastEnders star Patsy Palmer is to indulge in a spot of puppy love when she takes a break from acting to host BBC1's Battersea Dogs' Home.
The site transports Internet users back to the time when dungarees were a must, cowboys and Indians was the best game to play with the neighborhood kids, puppy love was sweet, and thoughts about being a hero or going to the moon were in every child's dreams.
THEY'VE only been dating for two months but it seems it really is puppy love for Jermain Defoe and Chantelle Houghton.
THEY'RE suffering from a serious case of puppy love up on Bold Street thanks to those cheeky Big Brother housemates.
Puppy love helped save a tiny pooch found freezing to death.
PUPPY LOVE Sinead laughs as dogs get frisky yesterday; NICE ASS Sinead with donkey at the RDS; FEEDING TIME Sinead with puppy and goat
This puppy love prompted the owners to set up a wedding for Moose and Mocha three years ago on Valentine's Day at the Woodland Care Convalescent Home in Canoga Park.
IT WAS more than Puppy Love when Donny Osmond made a special visit to Liverpool.
The neurotransmitters drive us to feel the puppy love and the pain of loss,'' says Dr.
Caring mutt Amy is proving she has a whole lot of puppy love to give - even if it is to a kitten.
The Twelfth Of Never, Go Away Little Girl, Love Me For A Reason and, of course, Puppy Love, were just some of the titles that made middle aged women turn into little girls again.