puppy fat

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fat on the body of a baby or child

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The survey further reveals that over three quarters (63 out of 82) of the surveyed parents who have a child between the ages of 11 and 17 years, think their child will shed that puppy fat if he or she is a little overweight.
But the final act and eventual winners were the Puppy fat Trolls, who sang the Pussycat Dolls anthem "Dont Cha
What we may dismiss as puppy fat, middle-aged spread or post baby flab - even though your youngest is nine - can lead to serious health issues.
He joined the club last year from the Russian league with a wee bit of puppy fat and handles.
Lucky teenager Michael Mullen has every reason today to be grateful for his puppy fat.
little bit of puppy fat but I'm within 4lb of my top riding weight at this time of the year and it will soon come off.
He also began losing weight, which his family initially put down to his puppy fat going.
Sure enough, it had a lot of puppy fat and couldn't sing.
As a child, the new Operation Transformation host readily admits that she had plenty of puppy fat - even though people now have difficulty believing it because of her drop-dead gorgeous looks.
First came being born, then came puppy fat followed by growing up with elasticated waists, university and chafing, starting work and being the biggest person in the office, the rise of this column, a book published out of it, then a BBC One documentary Fix My Fat Head about, yes, you guessed it, my take on being fat and wondering why it has me in such a pickle.
He told Attitude magazine: "Ich divide Madonna into ze following eras: Puppy Fat (Like Ein Virgin); Skanky Marilyn (True Blue); zitzen Out (Vogue, Erotica); Total Scheisse (the 90s); und her current, Transsexual Child Catcher.
He joined us last year with a bit of puppy fat and handles.
When I was 16, I lost all my puppy fat by a diet of smoking, chocolate, lager and not much else.
Is this just puppy fat and when should I start to worry about it?