puppet show

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a show in which the actors are puppets


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Puppet show director, Heather Burnley, from Gwyddelwern, said: "I will be recreating the puppet show I developed for the Millennium when I retraced the journey taken by Sigeric in 990 when he travelled to Rome to receive his pallium, a special stole made from lamb's wool, from the Pope.
Koslik has continued the puppet shows with his assistant Brianna Rousseau.
President: Masaya Futamiya; hereinafter, “Nipponkoa”) hosted puppet shows jointly with the NPO Aichi Puppetry Center in a disaster-hit area, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture.
Inasmuch as the Count Me In puppet show studies all employed one-group pretest-posttest designs, the between type of puppet show comparison was repeated including only studies using the same design for the Kids on the Block puppet shows.
The puppet show, first of its kind in the Arab world due to the massive size of the puppets, was a huge hit with the crowd.
The team that presented the puppet show consists of four people: Arthur Sauer, in charge of sound and performing a variety of sound effects; Herman Helle, who is the person behind the concept of Hotel Modern and is in charge of the different instruments; Pauline Kalker and Arlene Hoornweg, both alternating as narrators and animators throughout the performance.
Of course, it continues to be a challenge to draw an adult audience to watch a puppet show, but these spirited artistes are more than ready to face a challenge or two.
The four-day puppet show, scheduled to take place between 2 and 3pm, will start on Monday 9th July and will end on Thursday 15th July.
Allie Cohen goes in search of the Cloud Man in this enchanting puppet show at the RSC.
This year I saw a good stand-up comic, some brilliant late-night comedy sketches and a puppet show which reminded me never, ever to go to another puppet show.
As part of our commitment to introduce unique and memorable entertainment for our visitors during DSS, we're pleased to host the International Puppet Show which will lead guests on an imaginative journey filled with colourful and animated characters," said Fuad Mansoor Sharaf, senior asset director, shopping malls, asset management, Majid Al Futtaim Properties.
Kolkata (West Bengal), July 17 (ANI): Activists in Kolkata organised a puppet show for special children with an aim of bringing a smile on their faces.
NNA - 17-07-2011 - Culture minister Gaby Layyoun, launched the permanent Lebanese exhibit of puppet show at Prince Younis' castle/Deir kamar.
Born in Ennis, Texas, Banner began his career in Chicago in 1948 as a production assistant on the children's puppet show Kukla, Fran & Ollie.
The programme started with a puppet show conducted by a group of children in which public service messages were given to the audience on various social issues.