puppet play

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a show in which the actors are puppets


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During school holidays he often toured the country, presenting a two-hour programme of puppet plays, variety comic opera and a puppet circus to family audiences.
Watching his puppet play, he fails to notice his wife being introduced to drinking and sex.
If your audience wants an encore, try writing another puppet play using your own good ideas.
Thursday, August 14 - Robin Hood Play Clinking Clanking puppet play plus Have a Go Circus.
Based on Jane Bowles' four-page puppet play, the piece explores the emotional suffocation and spiritual inertia of a relationship lived in isolation.
He performed the puppet play in Bartholomew Fair, directed by George Devine, at the Old Vic and at the Edinburgh Festival and restored a troupe of old puppets to perform as 'The Old-Time Marionettes' at the Battersea Pleasure Gardens as part of the 1951 Festival of Britain.
The specific activities that are described: fishing for words, mirror images, cape play, an imaginary land, puppet play, paper mobiles, etc.
Pepys described it as ``an Italian puppet play, that is within the rails there, which is very pretty, the best that I ever saw,and great resort of gallants''.
The Charnwood Forest filly produced a fine performance to clinch her second success of the season when coming home two lengths ahead of Puppet Play at Thirsk last Saturday.
It also included bunraku, Japanese traditional puppet play, manzai, Osaka-style comic backchat, Osaka Castle and Himeji Castle.
In traditional puppet play, children immerse themselves in stories of their own making, manipulating physical puppets and speaking the puppets' words in real time.
Her brief essay, "Sister Act: A Reading of Jane Bowles's Puppet Play," discusses Bowles's A Quarreling Pair (1945), where arguing sisters provide "a pithy variation on the Bowles preoccupation with societal conformity and torturous familial intimacy" (77).
Jonson signals the possible gap between text and performance in his puppet play in Act V of Bartholomew Fair.
Part 2, "German-Language Texts," includes: From the Strauss Cabarets, by Leo Strauss and Myra Strauss-Gruhenberg (224-49); The Treasure: A Puppet Play in Ten Acts, by Arthur Englander (250-80); Purimspiel, by Walter Freud (381-60); The Insult--But Unintended; or, The Man with the Defective Memory: A Theresienstadt Courtroom Scene, by unknown (361-69); From the Hofer Cabarets, by Hans Hofer (270-97); Epilogue: New Years Eve in the Oederan Slave-Labor Camp, by Lisa Zeckendorf-Kutzinski (398-402).