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a show in which the actors are puppets


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The sand tray, the puppet play and drawing are common uses for this purpose.
The story developed for the puppet play and used subsequently in the picture book expands the tale as told by Keeping.
Two things are happening here: first, the puppets are 'entreated', as if they have a choice about whether or not they will perform, and true to the Scrivener's word before the fair is over the audience sees the puppet play performed: The Ancient Modern History of Hero and Leander, otherwise called The Touchstone of True Love, with as true a trial of friendship between Damon and Pythias, two faithful friends o' the Bankside (5.
This impulse is represented by Okichi Story, 1965, a narrative suite of black-and-white drawings based on a bloody eighteenth-century puppet play about lust and murderous jealousy, rendered as if scrawled on a bathroom stall.
Crazy to Kill is, first and foremost, a puppet play (with the 18 puppets stored in Beckwith's basement all these years).
The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), one of the most powerful environmental groups, manipulated the goings-on like a puppet play.
In November 1973 she scripted and directed a shadow puppet play, Rebirth of an Ostrich, which opened at the Puppet Space, the puppet theatre which she started in the basement of the Space Theatre in Cape Town.
Colouring competitions, puppet play, Henna, children's toys and bouncing house are some of the attractions lined up for kids.
In that sense, the puppet play could be used as an interactive technique.
Watching his puppet play, he fails to notice his wife being introduced to drinking and sex.
Thursday, August 14 - Robin Hood Play Clinking Clanking puppet play plus Have a Go Circus.
Based on Jane Bowles' four-page puppet play, the piece explores the emotional suffocation and spiritual inertia of a relationship lived in isolation.
This insanely verbose intellectual romp is not without its rewards--particularly when the conceit meshes with the very limited movement afforded by Oshii's use of computer-processed still photographs in a sort of CGI puppet play.
The Long Christmas Ride Home (Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre, Houston, Texas): Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre and Unhinged Productions teamed up to produce the Houston premiere of The Long Christmas Ride Home, an adult puppet play by lesbian and Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel that's not a thing like Avenue Q.
He performed the puppet play in Bartholomew Fair, directed by George Devine, at the Old Vic and at the Edinburgh Festival and restored a troupe of old puppets to perform as 'The Old-Time Marionettes' at the Battersea Pleasure Gardens as part of the 1951 Festival of Britain.