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one who is being educated

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Kecid and co-workers (17) evaluated the pupillary reaction to a standard light flash, and showed that the reaction diminished with visual field loss.
A 586 PC was used to generate the displays, to control and time the experimental events, and to collect and analyze the eye movement data, pupillary response data, and other experimental data.
Exclusion criteria included eye diseases, history of eye surgery, use of medications that could influence pupillary motility and diabetes mellitus.
The transmission enhancement and pupillary enlargement have gained us a dramatic 4 1/4 stellar magnitudes.
Wake found the Pupillary Response test to be quite |productive' in looking for homosexuals.
The first project is VIPER, which stands for Visual Identification of Pupillary Eye Responses.
In addition, certain benign stimuli were applied to assess pupillary, corneal (blink and nictitating membrane), defense (reacting to approach with attempts to withdraw or bite), skin sensitivity, pedal, tail, and audio responses.
If a pupillary response is necessary, a command is transmitted from the brain to the pupil along a separate, oculomotor nerve.
A new study showed that NeurOptics Pupillometers reliably measure the presence and quality of the pupillary light reflex after cardiac arrest and during resuscitation, producing readings that correlate with survival and neurological outcomes.
It stimulates the photosensitive retinal ganglion cells, stimulates pupillary reflex and controls the circadian cycle.
15 cases with relative afferent pupillary defect were noted, 9 with closed globe injuries & 6 with open globe injuries.
22), and absent pupillary light reflexes 72 h after CPR (FPR = 0, 95% CI : 0.
2) Spherical lens may lead to pupillary block and secondary angle-closure glaucoma.
The menace and pupillary light reflex revealed negative.