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an insect in the inactive stage of development (when it is not feeding) intermediate between larva and adult

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En ella se observa que la pupa presenta en ambos casos un mayor contenido en comparacion con la larva; para el fosforo la pupa presenta (0,72%) o sea mas del doble respecto a la larva, y para el calcio (0,76%).
El peso de las larvas y pupas de mosquito se obtuvo como un indicador biometrico, utilizando una balanza digital (OHAUS Mod.
The survival percentage (number of larvae reaching pupal stage x 100 / total of larvae) and the time at which the first pupa appeared in the cage were recorded.
The reduction in efficiency is proportional to increasing percentage of silkworm pupa oil in the blends.
Then I tried a gray-bodied pupa, and then a another fly, but nothing.
Pupa tiene esta unidad porque existe una correlacion conceptual, imaginativa y formal en los cuentos del libro.
A second possibility is that winter temperatures have little to do with the clines; It does not matter to a pupa whether it is 4 [degrees] C or 0 [degrees] C, as long as it is colder than the developmental threshold.
Photo: Just 1/16 inch long,parasitic wasp deposits eggs on fly pupa; wasp larvae will hatch, kill pupa
A pupa became mature in 5-6 d after the onset of pupation, and it had brown and waxen body, black compound eyes, and black striped wings.
Cockerelli recolectados mes larva pupa larva pupa larva pupa 2008 Feb 40 14 85,0 64,3 10,0 7,1 Mar 34 10 82,4 60,0 17,6 40,0 Abr 138 29 84,8 82,8 15,2 17,2 May 52 14 59,6 78,6 38,5 14,3 Jun 57 9 71,9 33,3 24,6 66,7 2009 Feb 7 2 100,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 Mar 3 1 100,0 100,0 0,0 0,0 Abr 49 29 79,6 89,7 20,4 10,3 May 78 56 57,7 82,1 35,9 16,1 Jun 28 31 78,6 80,6 21,4 19,4 Porcentaje de emergencia Ano Ho.
One of the planned beauty events will feature Italian brand Pupa showing its 3D make-up technique for the lips, eyes and finger nails.
Os estagios de ovo e pupa, por serem imoveis e se localizarem muitas vezes em locais desprotegidos, perto dos focos de infestagao da praga, sao expostos a pulverizagoes diretas de agrotoxicos nos pomares (SOARES et al.
Os frutos com lesoes foram mantidos em bandejas plasticas ate a saida das larvas desenvolvidas, que foram utilizadas nos ensaios de avaliacao do tipo e textura de solos para a manutencao das fases de pre-pupa e pupa.