pup tent

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a wedge-shaped tent

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But I did get some nice portraits of the grouse after spending many nights sleeping in that Army surplus pup tent, no more uncomfortable than if I were sleeping on a bed of tenpenny nails.
The PETT System features a briefcasesize portable toilet with folding tripod legs, a 6 foot, 6-inch PUP tent for privacy and 15 WAG (Waste Alleviation & Gelling) bags that contain a bio-active, non-toxic gelling powder called Pooh-Powder.
I want to sleep all night in a pup tent with killer elephants lurking just outside the flap.
In it were a fraying pup tent and dog-eared copy of Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five.
A big clue to the motivation is in Senator Nunn's worries about social events, and in Admiral Moorer's fearful statement about communal showers, and in the photo-ops the frightened Marine Corps recently provided, where cameras were invited to peer into the close confines of a pup tent built for two, and into the bustling activity of a barracks latrine, as if these were some, how relevant.
Our screens are manufactured with durable, high-quality, wrinkle-resistant materials and are easier to set up than a pup tent.
The "new" GOP envisioned by the right is, to be sure, "ideologically pure," but that new GOP "big tent" is rapidly becoming a pup tent.
Better stick to citing casualty numbers and telling war stories, or a spiffy new Afghani UPS driver might pull up in front of your pup tent with a pink slip.
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And not all of us, at least all of the time, want it to be a pup tent.
I guess me pitching the pup tent outside SPEED big-gunner Jim Liberatore's house 24-7 worked," Sargent said.
Charlie's Angels,'' and the sequel currently under production, is under the Columbia/Tri-Star pup tent.
The On The Move Dog" boasts the Ultimate Tote on Wheels, Versatile Voyager, Console Lookout, Lookout Pet Car Seat with Treat Rack, Pup Tent and MuttHutt.
Another was a 60-year-old veteran who had a drinking problem and was living in a pup tent in the desert.