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a wedge-shaped tent

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But I did get some nice portraits of the grouse after spending many nights sleeping in that Army surplus pup tent, no more uncomfortable than if I were sleeping on a bed of tenpenny nails.
Our system is easier to set up than a pup tent and when deflated, the 123-inch movie screen weighs about eight pounds and fits inside a duffle bag.
I said Relax, you should join a health club so my sister rowed until she withered to a twig, and when the office microfiche clerk did fall down the stairs all that hemoglobin on the cellar floor sent my sister's paw back to her popcorn bowl as she asked the darkness from a fetal pose about the safety of a pup tent set up in a housing tract.
You and Owlface were sleeping in a small two-man pup tent and The Ferret and Rotten Randy were sleeping in another pup tent a few yards away.
After years of going on and off social assistance, Carrie Gabrielson found herself living in a pup tent barely big enough to sit up in.
The pup tent, freeze-dried food and back-breaking climbs that made up my Dall sheep hunt in the Alaska Range are a far cry from the hunts of O'Connor's day, but they had a charm all their own.
His boxer, Cauliflower McPugg, had a brain to match his name, and had seen more canvas than a pup tent salesman.
When Ennis and Jack engaged in their first sexual encounter in a pup tent on a cold Wyoming night, a teenager sitting directly behind Eichler turned to his girlfriend and whispered, "Oh, man, he's getting it in the butt.
Through the murky lens of our current belatedness, even relatively tepid examples of the genre come with a patina of priority, whether Roman Ondak's artificially created queues in London last year; Pawel Althamer's personal pup tent attached to the Frieze big top in Regent's Park; or Vanessa Beecroft's mise-en-scene featuring a cast of a nude woman made "to be placed on the desk of a powerful man," in this case a booth-bound hired model.
The PETT System features a briefcasesize portable toilet with folding tripod legs, a 6 foot, 6-inch PUP tent for privacy and 15 WAG (Waste Alleviation & Gelling) bags that contain a bio-active, non-toxic gelling powder called Pooh-Powder.
BB) UhlrGear Pup Tent A home-on-the-range for your pup.
I want to sleep all night in a pup tent with killer elephants lurking just outside the flap.
Since the cemetery receives no government funding, the Post established a support group called the Clark Cemetery Grave Diggers, which is administered by MOC's Pinatubo Pup Tent 15.
Jeff(Giovanni Ribisi) lives in a pup tent in his parents' garage--the only housing he can afford, so long as he works part time at a nothing job.
We spent just one night together under the solid roof--but only after pitching our mosquitoproof pup tent inside