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Synonyms for pup

Synonyms for pup

an insignificant but arrogant and obnoxious young person

Synonyms for pup

young of any of various canines such as a dog or wolf


Related Words

an inexperienced young person


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The results for pup size and growth give no indication of food stress during early lactation.
We wanted to train new trainers and transfer the operation over there, and over the last year, we've accomplished that mission,'' said Glenn Yago, 53, a Los Angeles economist who founded Pups For Peace.
Fostering enhances the genetic diversity of the wild red wolf population and increases their overall chance of survival because it allows the pups to be raised by a wild mother.
Crate training also keeps pup out of mischief overnight or when visiting family or friends--especially the youngsters who can get pup too wound up to maintain proper behavior.
Call the RSPCA immediately on 0300 1234 999 if the pup is obviously sick, injured or distressed.
Our bite-size Pups are the perfect summer treat," said Alice Crowder, Vice President of Marketing at The Krystal Company.
Cody is only the second seal pup to have been born at the aquarium and joins Benji, who was born almost exactly a year ago.
But their protective mothers can get aggressive when the pups are painted so rangers have to take care.
Crowder added that guests can always add chili or cheese to their Pups.
Keeper Chris Grindle said: "The pup is doing really well and has now started exploring its exhibit with the adults.
Pandey, a resident of Padwal Nagar, heard the howling of a pup and decided to look up the matter.
A FIVE-week-old seal pup is recovering after being left in a car boot for 24 hours.
Bramble was a little bewildered by the first pup but has now taken to motherhood fantastically well.
In the governorate of Tozeur, 44495 voters headed to the 88 polling stations to elect candidates from the RCD, the people's unity party PUP and the MDS.