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Synonyms for punter



Synonyms for punter

someone who propels a boat with a pole

(football) a person who kicks the football by dropping it from the hands and contacting it with the foot before it hits the ground

someone who bets

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The punters have set their rates and the odds are in favour of the saffron party and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
Ausherman has a lankier build in the mold of San Francisco 49ers punter Andy Lee, whom Ausherman watches film of when he's struggling.
The truth is that punters pay for the levy; bookmakers are only the collectors based on turnover.
color) Camarillo High punter Bryan Anger also plays wide receiver for the Scorpions.
Long snappers have to work hard to achieve the level of proficiency needed, but it is a must if you want to give the punter a chance to do his job.
While the betting goes on at upper floors, they always deploy their men near shops at ground floors to keep watch on the movement of police and other dangers," said one punter.
From the number of bets and punters we had previously at The Gaming Club, we knew that we had created a truly great sportsbook.
If your punter can get the ball off in the required time, he will make it so much easier.
That's all we've been trying to do, try to get me one-on-one with the punter.
This strategy will benefit both the Irish punter and the Irish exchequer as gamebookers will pay all tax for the punters into the exchequers coffers.
William Hill chairman John Brown said: 'The British punter wins because this will make it possible for us to offer deduction-free betting for the first time since betting shops were introduced 40 years ago.
com includes a variety of innovative features and is designed with the punter in mind.
After years of having my rancid wagers gleefully accepted in full I had suddenly been treated like a proper punter.
Tom Malone, the accidental punter on USC's affluent championship football teams, bases his successes and failures one kick at a time.