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A spokeswoman for the supermarket said: "We know Kermit and Ms Piggy are consciously uncoupling, but the last place we'd expect Kermit to retreat to is a punnet of our delicious strawberries.
4 Weigh about half a punnet of blackberries, then write it down.
Asda started selling lib strawberry packs last year Asda reintroduced lib punnets of strawberries last spring - its first use of imperial measures in more than a decade.
Heat sealing specialist Proseal has designed and installed a bespoke packing system for blueberry punnets for leading supplier Berry Gardens that has increased speeds and accuracy, reduced product waste and provided a more ergonomic and user-friendly working environment for operators.
That would take a punnet of strawberries at Wimbledon up to pounds 4.
Serves 4 You'll need: one kilo of plums cut into chunks; 1 punnet strawberries, hulls removed, large ones cut in half; 165g plain flour; 50g soft light brown sugar; 150g rolled oats; 125g unsalted butter.
Pour yourself a glass of Pimms, tuck into a punnet of strawberries and enjoy the final match of the 2009 championship.
1 lge punnet of strawberries, top removed cut 1/2 into 1/4's and reserve.
Strawberries not only count towards your five fruit and veg portions a day, they are great for slimmers because they contain just 90 calories per punnet.
Caerphilly Mountain could easily be turned into Henman Hill for the fortnight and although the leeks and cream might be a turn-off to your average All England Club member, at 12p a punnet they might be more in the compass of the ordinary tennis fan.
I was at Leicester and a thong and a punnet of strawberries came my way courtesy of a supporter who I was told was "keen on me".
After all no self-respecting socialite would dare to be seen at either Ascot or Wimbledon without the prerequisite punnet, dressed with cream and sugar or just with a glass of chilled champagne.
PS100 OF ASDA VOUCHERS PLUS A PUNNET OF STRAWBERRIES To celebrate Wimbledon we are getting in the spirit by giving FIVE lucky readers each the chance to win PS100 worth of Asda shopping vouchers plus a punnet of delicious Scotty Brand strawberries.
VERDICT: Game, set and match SCORE: 5/5 |Strawberries (400g), Marks & Spencer, PS2 From Kent, the punnet of 33 looked like the reject box that had mistakenly made it into the store.
Changing punnet sizes can be a costly process for growers, who have already invested in sealing machinery.