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minute two-winged insect that sucks the blood of mammals and birds and other insects

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But the Hole frontwoman still has a nifty line in dangerous punky indie.
After Breckenridge Village was developed, the partners opened Pinky Punky there in about 1975 but kept the Arrangement open for 18 months or so until their lease in Colony West expired.
Five runner-ups will receive a Punky Pets Swag Bag will tons of gear from the animated band.
AN all-gown-up Punky Brewster launched her newest book at the Azure on the Upper East Side last week.
Their adoring fans were a seething, swaying chanting mass and Kyle Falconer and co maintained the high tempo, launching into punky single Grace, followed by Wasted Little DJs and 5Rebeccas as single shoes and T-shirts rained on to the stage.
Pixie Geldof''s punky style is going down a storm with the fashion set.
KATY PERRY One Of The Boys (Virgin) IGNORE the demure 50s glamour shot on the cover - charttopper Katy Perry is a Californian ladette peddling the latest resurrection of girl power with punky pop, shopping mall chic and sugary street sass.
Lucas says he sees the duet as Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner, and I love that sense of being a punky cartoon character.
The album's punky reggae rhythms, spiky guitar, and Ari-Up and Pollitt's tribal call-and-response vocals, set off witty, tuneful songs about heroin abuse (``Instant Hit''), stereotyping (``Typical Girls''), consumerism (``Spend, Spend, Spend'') and poverty (``Shoplifting'').
As callow students we were astonished by the scale and assurance of it all, beguiled by the ironic take on Classicism, the integration of museum and city, the punky blasts of colour.
BETTINGJP Doyle (Belle Vue): 7-2 Camp Bugler, 5 Westcliff, 6 Droopys Demaggio, Farloe Focus, 7 Laser Beam, 10 Lonely Hunter, Punky Rock, 12 bar
Tegan and Sara, So Jealous (September 14): Baby-dyke bait, the 24-year-old Canadian twins move to a more polished variation of their punky pop.
Topped off with a punky chain belt and casually slung bag.
The single was originally part of Talvin Singhs Anokha: Sounds of the Azian Underground, a compilation released in 1997 that documented a small scene of wistful, forward-thinking South Asian fusionists who applied a punky yet tradition-minded sensibility to British dance music.
He takes on some helpers, including his punky friend Jimmy, and they become known as "the Mall Mafia," with the motto "Insult or be insulted.