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Synonyms for punk

Synonyms for punk

a rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions

Synonyms for punk

an aggressive and violent young criminal

substance that smolders when ignited

material for starting a fire

a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture

rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation

of very poor quality

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Lately we've seen more punkish lycra tubes slashed into complicated cut-out shapes, displayed to great effect on mannequins with pert buttocks and erect nipples.
But it delivers what fans have come to expect from Bayside -- an entertaining, well-crafted set of rocking songs (such as "Hate Me,'' "Time Has Come'' and "Pigsty'') that combine punkish energy with classic pop vocal melodies, hooky guitar parts and some nifty instrumental twists.
Warming up nicely with the uptempo rock opener "Getaway," they get to full throttle by the second cut, the punkish "Mind Your Manners.
At times, Stickles sounds like Oberst when he was singing in his punkish side project Desaparecidos.
Fishing for the roosterfish (basically a jack crevalle with a punkish attitude, with its stripes and long dorsal mohawk), was different than how we fish for their clean-cut jack cousin in Florida--sight fishing them in large schools along the beach.
But the punkish, strangely exuberant anger behind Butusov's repeated appearances on stage--and indeed behind every element of this strenuous and sensuous production at Moscow's Satirikon Theatre--feels authentic, deep-rooted, barely in control, as if a lid had been lifted over a raging furnace.
A House Not Meant to Stand invokes the low-mimetic tradition with punkish contempt.
I mean the pace of our music is punkish but the difference is between us and those punk bands of past is we have a singer in Chris, he has a massive voice, Josh has digits quicker than an East End pickpocket and my drumming's not bad either.
There were elements of punkish flamenco to My Companjera, romantic folk waltz in When Universes Collide and rap mixed with carnival funk in American Wedding, but their default setting is madcap Balkan punk.
This punkish intellectual property scofflaw was Johann Sebastian Bach, master of the baroque style, spiritual father of modern Western music, literal father of a family of musicians, and inspiration to working creators everywhere.
The punkish "Strong Black Vines" is the ideological equivalent of a battering ram directed at the parish door; it excoriates churchly "submission," "evil faith," and all those who bear arms and "rape Earth.
Jeff Tweedy's Chicago-based alt-rockers rose from the ashes of the seminal Uncle Tupelo, whose mix of cowboy twang and punkish bang helped create a whole new genre of music for those whose love for Hank Williams matched that of Black Flag.
Along the way, he meets a grumpy old mechanic and walks his dog, watches a Kung Fu film in a theater with a new friend, and has his first sexual encounter with a punkish young mother who works in an auto-parts store, all before he returns home for a surprisingly touching ending.
I'm into the Japanese fashion, but not the Gothic Lolita style -- the more punkish fashion.
Musically tight, deserved props go to Al from Hot Chip's guitar riffs and the kick-ass Nancy Whang hurling out punkish refrains.