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Synonyms for punk

Synonyms for punk

a rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions

Synonyms for punk

an aggressive and violent young criminal

substance that smolders when ignited

material for starting a fire

a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture

rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation

of very poor quality

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Their sophomore CD, If It Was You, Tegan says, is "poppier, punkier and louder" than the last.
Pink live proved how much her sound has matured since her first album, she's funkier, punkier and sexier and her show could give Britney Spears a run for her money
The Get Up Kids: ``Guilt Show'' (Vagrant) A punkier departure from the Kansas City band's last album, ``On a Wire.
Johnny: I keep most of the punkier stuff for he Utters.
There's definitely a real move to roughing up hair to make it seem effortlessly chic, although you have put a lot of effort into making it punkier.
Despite (or maybe because of) the departure of guitarist and drummer Josh and Zac Farro, the band have jettisoned much of the angst of previous albums (Brand New Eyes in 2009 was a UK number 1) and is poppier and punkier.
WHO ARE GREEN DAY:Green Day are a punkier American version of Brit band Busted.
GOOD CHARLOTTE made their name as a sort of American version of Busted - punkier round the edges, perhaps, but basically appealing to the same corner of the market.
Sounding a trifle like their Californian buddies Grandaddy in parts, Earlimart's third outing heads down a different path to their previous, heavier, punkier albums.
With that unforgiving attitude, the movie is punkier than many of the movement's bands turned out to be.
Their sound paid tribute to their Irish roots, taking on the punkier side of The Pogues with added heavy punk.
Tasty: Nigella, left, was an inspiration to the punkier Gizzi Stock n roll: Gizzi admits her '60s image got her noticed but her cooking skills have made her one of telly's hottest stars
TEENAGE pop rebel Kelly Osbourne is a younger, punkier version of her outspoken mother Sharon.