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minute two-winged insect that sucks the blood of mammals and birds and other insects

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Punkie, it seems to me, is exactly what is happening in Washington DC, where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided not to define nonhazardous secondary materials recycled by manufacturers for heat recovery as solid waste.
For as our exclusive pictures show she looks HOTTER than ever in her punkie gear.
Last Sunday their punkie new single Hit proved to be just that when it crashed into the charts at the No 20.
On Big Cloud Circle in Thousand Oaks, a squabble between neighbors over the barking of a dog named Punkie escalated into a citizen's arrest, a lawsuit - and now an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Each character represents a uniquely branded SKECHERS Kids footwear collection, including Twinkle Toes by SKECHERS, Sporty Shorty by SKECHERS, HyDee HyTop[TM] by SKECHERS, The Incredible Elastika Bungees[TM], Punkie Rose[TM] by SKECHERS, and Bella Ballerina[TM] by SKECHERS for girls; and Z-Strap[R], Kewl Breeze[R], Hot Lights by SKECHERS and Luminators by SKECHERS for boys.