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Synonyms for punk

Synonyms for punk

a rough, violent person who engages in destructive actions

Synonyms for punk

an aggressive and violent young criminal

substance that smolders when ignited

material for starting a fire

a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture

rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation

of very poor quality

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Because they are based on Kinsella's own experiences in a band, the parts of the novel that deal with music and the punk counterculture all come off as authentic.
Shane Greene, an associate professor of anthropology at Indiana University, engages in a dialectic with Jose Carlos Mariategui's 1928 work, Seven Interpretive Essays on Peruvian Reality, through the perspective of the Peruvian punk movement of the 1980s.
Last year there were a lot of things happening but it was all in London - and punk didn't just happen in London
The event, part of the Whitley Bay Film Festival, also saw an exhibition of Punk photos, hand-painted clothing and album artwork, as well as a performance from Graham Fellows aka Jilted John.
The book is divided into three parts: part one on punk spaces; part two on punk politics; and part three on punk's relationship with fascism.
Punk didn't answer, but The Rock made sure to leave him a voicemail.
In Networks, Crossley presents a sociological retelling of how punk and post-punk musical styles arose in late-1970s England.
To mark 40 years since the start of the punk phenomenon, Radio 4 is to air Punk, the Pistols and the Provinces by Mark Hodkinson.
He then pleaded for a bout and called out Punk, real name Phil Brooks, to enter the Octagon.
BEIRUT:One of my favorite trends is punk style, which returned for this fall/winter with extra sophistication and attitude.
is a creative claymation-influenced illustrated condensed history of punk rock for kids.
The exhibition, which runs until November 13, shows the changing imagery of punk - as well its influence on societal, cultural and political thinking.
SNARLING, spitting, shouting - punk exploded into life putting the fear of God into the music business and the establishment.
What Every Child Needs To Know About Punk Rock" is a unique, board book format for presenting issues, icons, history, and significance of the movement of popular music known as punk rock for middle grade (and earlier) students.
Burning Britain: The History of UK Punk 1980-1984 discusses the reality of being a teen punk rocker in Thatcher's Britain, which resulted in a powerful and defiant blend of sounds that brought the 1970s to an end and defied the meaning and traditions of punk rock.