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in a punishing manner

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What's more, stamp duty is still punitively high and gimmicky tweaks to the tax system will ultimately end up penalising tenants and increasing rents.
Minister Adwok, in a letter dated 2 June 2016, ordered the lecturers to end with immediate effect their strike or "face punitively consequences" for continued striking.
He said that non-compliant ones would be dealt punitively.
Sanctions have been around for years but Colin now sees them applied punitively and indiscriminately.
5 trillion national debt and a huge budget deficit), soak the rich, punitively tax big business, ban the bomb, withdraw from NATO and print bucket loads of money to help the poor, as opposed to the other candidates, who admittedly performed abysmally throughout the campaign, having to confront the less popular but harsh realities of the real world.
Requiring staff to wear personal protective equipment when the public did not have to defeated the purpose of the policy and "imposes an unreasonable burden (one might also say punitively so) on the employee".
I want to cling to these tiny joys and avoid anything that might move the prison authorities to punitively withdraw them.
An enlightened relapse policy recognizes the goal of dealing with relapse therapeutically rather than punitively, whenever possible.
Instead, his analysis supports targeted increases in cash transfers (such as for people with major disabilities) and expansion of diverse in-kind benefits that will assist vulnerable children and youth in escaping the cycle of poverty without invoking punitively high effective marginal tax rates.
Foreign investment is what India and its property developers, need right now, with many servicing major debt at punitively high
The north is being punitively harried by the coalition government.
It has set limits on punishment, and it has rejected harsh sentences that treat juveniles punitively as adults and without recognizing the potential of rehabilitation.
Literature scholars and historians draw from literary and historical texts to shed light on medieval and early modern perceptions of what constituted criminal behaviors, and how society responded punitively to those found guilty of violating normative patterns of behavior.
The public is safer, youth are being treated less punitively and more humanely, and governments are saving money--because the juvenile justice systems are reducing their reliance on confinement.
Starr International and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, its controlling shareholder, have "no more than a 20 percent" chance of winning damages from the government in its lawsuit claiming that that the government acted punitively against its shareholders when it acted to bail out American International Group starting in September 2008, AIG's lawyers have told its board.