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in a punishing manner

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Israel resorts to punitively demolish the family homes of any Palestinians as means of deterrence - accused of being involved in attacks against Israelis, a policy that Israel does not use against Israeli settlers who were involved in fatal attacks against Palestinians.
The EU has also let us down with the Eurogroup decisions [of March 2013], where it operated not in solidarity but punitively.
In addition, some foreign countries have import restrictions on advanced cryptocurrency hardware or punitively high duties, but our new mining contracts truly enable mining without borders, said company CEO Ravi Iyengar.
I want to cling to these tiny joys and avoid anything that might move the prison authorities to punitively withdraw them.
An enlightened relapse policy recognizes the goal of dealing with relapse therapeutically rather than punitively, whenever possible.
Instead, his analysis supports targeted increases in cash transfers (such as for people with major disabilities) and expansion of diverse in-kind benefits that will assist vulnerable children and youth in escaping the cycle of poverty without invoking punitively high effective marginal tax rates.
However, many supporters of Landrieu's bill believe the Hague convention has been applied too punitively, and that the State Department has been overcautious rather than working creatively to halt the decline.
Foreign investment is what India and its property developers, need right now, with many servicing major debt at punitively high
He introduced several 'posi-tive action', rather than punitively enforceable, reforms to the party's candidate selection process - particularly the A-list of candidates, half of them women, from whom party members in target seats were 'expected' to make their selections.
Was the accident caused by some unfortunate decision of his brother's or punitively scripted by God?
The Nagas punitively address human delusions and abuses of the natural world.
The north is being punitively harried by the coalition government.
It has set limits on punishment, and it has rejected harsh sentences that treat juveniles punitively as adults and without recognizing the potential of rehabilitation.
Literature scholars and historians draw from literary and historical texts to shed light on medieval and early modern perceptions of what constituted criminal behaviors, and how society responded punitively to those found guilty of violating normative patterns of behavior.
Starr International and Maurice "Hank" Greenberg have "no more than a 20 percent" chance of winning damages in their lawsuit claiming that that the government acted punitively against American International Group's shareholders when it bailed out insurance giant in September 2008, AIG's lawyers say.