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Antonyms for punished

subjected to a penalty (as pain or shame or restraint or loss) for an offense or fault or in order to coerce some behavior (as a confession or obedience)


References in classic literature ?
Perhaps we'll be able to find the brooch if she'll only tell where she took it; but in any case she'll have to be severely punished, Matthew.
No one, I tell you, will escape; Benedetto will be punished.
Then, you, too, will be punished, for you did not do your duty as a priest -- you should have prevented Benedetto from killing me.
His father punished Seryozha by not letting him go to see Nadinka, Lidia Ivanovna's niece; but this punishment turned out happily for Seryozha.
If you call that relaxation, Louise, all I ask is to be punished every day; particularly when my punishment is to remain with you and write such interesting letters as we write
Earlier, he had told his supporters that Benazir had been punished for propagating democracy and for her deep love for the people.
SI, Rab Nawaz was punished with demotion and made ASI.
And any person who participates, in collaboration with the public official, in the commission of an offense contributing to the plunder, shall likewise be punished for such offense.
China has punished coal and steel companies for illegal production or unsafe operations as part of the government's efforts to reduce industrial overcapacity.
65 million officials have been punished in the first three months of this year, the report said.
Spitting out of a car will also be punished by a Dhs500 fine, authorities said.
The only way the players will stop doing it is if they feel they can get punished.
BULGARIAN side Ludogorets will have a partial closure of their ground for their first home Champions League group match against Real Madrid after being punished for racist behaviour by fans.
Unlawful road blockage no more than 24 hours will be punished with fine of 3,000 som for individuals, 50,000 som for legal entities.
WEST BROM'S Diego Lugano has laid into English football - by claiming that Nicolas Anelka is being punished just to make an example of him.