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Synonyms for pungency

wit having a sharp and caustic quality

a strong odor or taste property

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With 220 molecules affecting its taste, pungency and colour, it grows on you quickly, like it did on me, as I travelled along Puglia, dipping freshly baked breads into every variety of extra virgin I could lay my hands on.
The atmosphere is a frenetic one, a sensory blast that starts with the brawny pungency of walk through the doors.
Nor can it invade the nostrils with the acrid pungency of aviation spirit or the first stench of cremating flesh, the assault on the senses from over 30,000 pints of blood, the sundered bladders and tons of faeces all vapourised into the morning air or cooking rancidly in the fires that were to burn for weeks.
To achieve just the right pungency, food processors add precise amounts of extracted capsaicin during manufacture.
However, a good pud should overwhelm pickle pungency.
When he confronts, for instance, problems with the Church--faint hearts and tender sensibilities notwithstanding--his pungency, cogency, and conviction come to the fore.
Each adds that wonderful pungency the innocent-looking white bulb imparts.
In addition to irritating mucous membranes, fungal VOCs may affect the "common chemical sense" that senses pungency and responds to it.
His typically apt choice of topic was the search for intelligent life on Earth, which must have had special pungency to that audience, at that place, in that time--and he maintained that commitment over the years.
Unlike most historians, he writes with an immediacy and pungency that can be very effective, even memorable.
Moser restores male pungency to Jesus at a level that compensates for any number of anemic Victorian Christs.
Had The New Republic headlined its cover story, "Science Sees a Blurry Picture That May Have Something to Do With God but Mainly Just Shows the Universe Is an Interesting Place," it would have lacked the pungency of "Science Sees the Light" (though it would have more accurately reflected Easterbrook's article).
While I appreciate his pungency, he book does have important deficiencies.
However, the best are produced in the northern regions of Trentino-Alto Adige and, particularly, Fruili, international varieties such as Chardonnay and Riesling produce fresh, uplif ting wines and the local Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Tocai Fruiliano have added spice and pungency.