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a one-horse sleigh consisting of a box on runners

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Pung has been a member of the Isabella Bank family since 1979.
Pung notes that with laser diecutting, everything starts with the software.
I once went to Iceland, an extraordinary place with its unpronounceable volcano pung away and this amazing rift valley which splits the island.
Michael Howlett is Burnaby Mountain Chair, Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia and Yong Pung How Chair Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.
During the event, Manipuri students performed Lai Haraoba, Pung Cholom, stick dance and enthralled the audience with some other acts.
The groomsmen were Ellis McNair of Raymond; Eric Merkle and Dylan Wren of Ocean Springs; Guy Wimberly of Natchez; Joseph Young of Corinth; Will Gotcher of Muscle Shoals, Alabama; Kyle Pung of Huntsville, Alabama; John Traylor of Smyrna, Georgia; and Matt Woolfolk of Jackson, Tennessee.
Other Thai treats include starters such as goong hom pa - deep fried tiger prawns in filo pastry with sweet chilli sauce - and khanom pung na gai, deep fried minced chicken and herbs on toast.
Lachlann Carter from 100 Story Building was able to add to the unit of inquiry by developing supportive weekly workshops with visiting artists and authors such as puppeteer Leighton Young, author and past pupil Alice Pung, Kamishibai storyteller Bernard Caleo and performance poet Tariro Mavondo.
just 'just, exactly', lahing 'battle', munk 'monk', pung 'purse', puuk 'mythological thief, parssi-(ma) 'to drag', pook 'beech', rtink 'block', taldrik 'plate', telling 'scaffolding', tikk 'splinter, peg', tipp 'tip', tiss 'tit', tokk 'skein', trukkal 'printer', tull 'oarlock', vurst 'duke', uur 'rent'.
Mi Pung of PT Cheil Samsung deals mainly with corporate buyers such as repacking factories.
Wu TY, Saw CL, Khor TO, Pung D, Boyanapalli SS, Kong AN.
The dance forms include Odissi (Reela Hota), Kathak (Vidha Lal), creative dance (Naresh Kumar), Gaudiya Nritya, and Pung Cholom as well as Ras Leela (Prem Manipur Cultural Association).
Directorate of Information FATA Friday said that Political Administration FR Tank has completed potable water provision project in Hidayat Ullah Karoona, Hassan Khel and Pung recently.
Krajewski K, Ashley RK, Pung N, Wald S, Lazareff J, Kawamoto HK et al.