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Synonyms for pundit



Synonyms for pundit

a usually elderly person noted for wisdom, knowledge, and judgment

Synonyms for pundit

someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field

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He started strongly enough with his debut for the Crystal Palace game against Everton on Monday night and there seems plenty of for potential for some interesting jousts with fellow pundit Jamie Carragher.
The People's Pundit is spearheaded by the voice of football, the massively entertaining Jeff Stelling, who hails from Hartlepool of course.
And unlike some studio pundits who think sounding o is an essential part of the role, this trio save their strongest words for the right moment.
The JI delegation also presented the cake and flower banquet to the pundits and expressed their sincere wishes to entire Hindu community on Diwali.
Pundit PL-200 - The new Benchmark for Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Testing
Celebrities make great pundits because we are fascinated by all things celebrity.
The list returns for 2013: Now in its fourth consecutive year, Freescale's 2013 Smart Device Pundit contest will recognize the hard work of industry informants whose coverage helps us stay connected with all things connected.
Worst TV Pundit Equally awful - Gordon Strachan, John Toshack or Robbie Savage.
Another clip was released in which Sky Blues fan Keys asks soccer pundit Jamie Redknapp about a former girlfriend.
Who's your least favourite personality and any pundit tales?
The temple was reopened on Wednesday by the Kashmiri Pundit Sangharsh Samiti ( KPSS) -- an organisation which works for the welfare of Kashmiri pundits who chose to remain in the Valley after 1990 when armed insurgency erupted in the state.
One of the things this consulting pundit learned is that people who are desperate for his unerring political advice will do almost anything to get his attention.
The Peritus Pundit offers a unique and fun way for everyone to get engaged in Election '08 and give back to their community.
Political pundit Robert Novak claimed medical marijuana was ``the wedge in the door for legalizing marijuana,'' calling Proposition 215 ``just the beginning'' of a legalization effort by George Soros and other donors supporting the initiative.
And his career as a pundit has slowly alienated EVERY member of the Tartan Army - with yesterday's stint for the English Broadcasting Corporation the crowning glory.