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Physical monuments as testimonies to people and events can be looked upon as punctuation marks to history.
Supposedly, this is too weak a punctuation mark for the purpose and should be replaced with a full stop or semi-colon.
Insert a punctuation mark, such as a period, comma, or quotation mark.
It just seems like a very cool punctuation mark on the CV.
He's over-stayed his welcome So Osborne now must go Is a punctuation mark A scar that's on time?
ANSWERS: 1 American football; 2 Robinson Crusoe; 3 The Daily Worker; 4 Dutch; 5 Round The Horne; 6 Estate agent; 7 The USA; 8 Stephen Foster; 9 Ola Jordan; 10 A punctuation mark which combines exclamation and question marks.
And since when has a punctuation mark been an appropriate reason to go out, get plastered and detonate party poppers into the faces of strangers before hugging them warmly to one's bosom?
Which punctuation mark has the same name as that of a butterfly?
The nation couldn't care less about job losses, city regeneration, transport systems, education or health in its second largest city, but when it comes to a punctuation mark we are suddenly in the full beam of national interest.
Defensive end Dan Moran finished the job with a punctuation mark, sacking speedy Ventura quarterback Lee Mondol after Mondol had passed the Cougars to the Moorpark 37-yard line and had one last shot at the end zone with 2 seconds remaining.
It's a delight to look at, a technical masterpiece and a superb punctuation mark in the re-invention of the Mercedes brand.
Scientists have discovered a bacterium similar in size to that punctuation mark, making it the biggest ever observed.
The whole builds up into a picturesque composition with human scale, huddled under the forested hillside, making a memorable place and punctuation mark on the train journey: so much so that more visitors are coming to the town to see its station and enjoy the knock-on effect it has had.
One even encounters sentences which end on one line and are followed on the next by their punctuation mark.