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Being a question, it ends with a question mark, a punctuation mark usually not omitted due to its informative value (Baron and Ling 2011) (6).
comma--a punctuation mark (,), used to separate parts of sentences
The use of the question mark indicates that Hood (2004) was not sure of this, and I commend that hesitant punctuation mark.
She notes semicolons are being deserted because writers are showing a preference for a dash, stating "The main reason people use it, however, is that they know you can't use it wrongly--which for a punctuation mark, is an uncommon virtue".
If not, at least make sure that they do not end with a period or other punctuation mark, which will erroneously be included with the link by some but not all email software and Web browsers.
He argues, for example, that theater students should use "every punctuation mark as a signifier of speech rhythm" since Jonson's characters are defined by their distinctive "vocal mannerisms" (100).
The project bears comparison with Tatlin's 1927 model for a monument to the III International, combining as it does a relic of labour-intensive heavy industry, which was once progressive, with futuristic deconstructionist forms developed from the Russian avant garde of the same period, a fitting punctuation mark to a century of European architecture.
Chapter 4 deals with punctuation in the playscript; the point is made that punctuation must be understood relatively: the weight attached to any punctuation mark depends on which marks are used and why.
The punctuation mark has become a symbol for mental health, serving as a reminder to pause and then move forward for those struggling with mental health issues.
Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz attacks those who say that particular punctuation mark should be used more sparingly.
Broadcaster Vanessa Feltz attacks those who say that particular punctuation mark should be used more sparingly "Playing out-and-out terrorists who terrorise people and don't actually move the conversation on are not worth doing so that's probably another reason I don't go back to America, because a lot of it is like that, It's boring, dull, very lazy writing" British actor Art Malik criticises US screenwriters
April 17th will be a fun reunion and a great punctuation mark.
Super typhoon Yolanda is not the punctuation mark of 2013, it is the super generous hearts which had emerged from the disaster," said Education Secretary Armin Luistro during the gathering and signing of agreements between the DepEd and private partners for the rehabilitation efforts in "Yolanda"-affected areas.
Insert a punctuation mark, such as a period, comma, or quotation