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something that makes repeated and regular interruptions or divisions

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the use of certain marks to clarify meaning of written material by grouping words grammatically into sentences and clauses and phrases

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Kiln attributes the perceived context of certain kinds of punctuation through text as opposed to handwriting or face-to-face speech as a natural progression of the medium.
A spokesman said: "We're very pleased to hear that punctuation will continue in Denbighshire.
The CRTC agreed with Bell Aliant citing "rules of punctuation.
But in a student's world or in a cut-throat competitive written exam or any written form of language testing, it is 'all too different' and punctuation and grammar does matter.
The new spelling, punctuation and grammar test includes questions asking pupils to insert missing full stops and capital letters, choose the correct preposition for a given sentence.
We already assess grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Also in this section of the website you will come across Punctuation posters which contain an explanation of each of the main punctuation marks and an example of how they can be used.
Called The Punctuation Show, it is now touring primary schools across the region and proving to be a big hit with teachers and pupils alike.
One of the exercises included changing the punctuation of the sentence "a woman, without her man, is nothing," to "a woman.
Washington, July 23 (ANI): A new research has revealed that writing emails with too many typos or excessive punctuation could make you look apathetic or girly.
Before Lynne Truss wrote the bestselling punctuation book Eats, Shoots and Leaves in 2003, no one really paid that much attention to the history or the use of grammar in the mainstream.
Specifically, the magazine continues to abbreviate with period punctuation marks, which is something the U.
Not because his own brain is underpowered, but because I have not the least clue about punctuation.
A software company in the United States has created a punctuation to denote sarcasm, reports United Press International (UPI).