punctuated equilibrium

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a theory of evolution holding that evolutionary change in the fossil record came in fits and starts rather than in a steady process of slow change

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According to punctuated equilibrium theory, organizations tend toward "equilibrium" because of the permanence of the organization's "deep structure.
Use of the term punctuated equilibrium appeals to Darwinian scientific authority; Brock is appealing more to the authority of Newton, as if the policymaking process can be described according to precise mathematical rules, as a physical system might be.
The observation of stasis in the fossil record and the theory of punctuated equilibrium were the main focus of the deliberations.
The gist of punctuated equilibrium is that most evolutionary change takes place in relatively brief spurts, when new species diverge from old ones, and that species otherwise tend to remain unchanged throughout long stretches of time.
If punctuated equilibrium explains coal markets, then one must ask: Does the current fitness landscape include an even deeper valley to be reached in the future?
Once these initial hurdles are addressed, such individuals are likely to follow a punctuated equilibrium path to early retirement.
Gould was an essayist and popularizer of the highest caliber and a pretty good paleontologist, but even were his theory of punctuated equilibrium correct (and this is more of an interpretational issue than anything), it would not be an overthrow of Darwinism but an enrichment.
The theory of punctuated equilibrium he and Niles Eldredge proposed in the early 1970s, for example, warns against rejecting breaks in the fossil record before mulling over what they imply.
Organizational competencies necessary for success in a Punctuated Equilibrium Environment include application of statistics plus data mining techniques to facilitate estimation and costing.
This new theory of how evolution progresses is opposed to the most widely accepted theory of how evolution moves forward, which is known as Punctuated Equilibrium.
then demonstrates how application of Whitehead's naturalism can overcome these difficulties, providing a rationale for, and an understanding of, the emergence of higher-level actualities and the theory of punctuated equilibrium.
The punctuated equilibrium model of Baumgartner and Jones, in which bursts of policy change interrupt periods of policy stability through shifts in issue definitions or images and changes in policy venues, is another approach reviewed by Mintrom.
The model contains provisions for repeated group change through the punctuated equilibrium and autopoetic processes.
In her subsequent explanation, she uses the timely analogy of modern biologists debating the relative roles of gradualism and punctuated equilibrium or the relative frequencies of different modes of speciation without questioning whether evolution itself occurs.