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Synonyms for punctilious

Synonyms for punctilious

showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details

fond of or given to ceremony

Synonyms for punctilious

marked by precise accordance with details


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Thus it was decided for the year 2008-09 to implement the principles of inventory management punctiliously.
1990) (upholding long-term suspension from private university because school "followed its Code of Rights punctiliously and .
The sea-vultures all in pious mourning, the air-sharks all punctiliously in black or speckled.
A big fresh, fat and juicy cheeseburger (mine was done punctiliously medium rare, as ordered) topped with a choice of cheeses (make mine Swiss) goes for $7.
Gordon Brown is the cleverest man I know and the most punctiliously correct, too.
God's Covenant was fulfilled punctiliously, but it was through the autonomous decision-making of men, and the will of God to do justice and grant mercy, that the fulfillment was made manifest in its historical form.
This brief statement sums up the most prominent quality of the book: the work will, indeed, make a good addition to the academic works on the Qu'ran and to the libraries of armchair scholars for it drenches all power, warmth, and motivational force of the Qu'ran, punctiliously dissects its text and reads like the discourse of an armchair scholar steeped in Western literary theories.
On the other hand, throughout his life he celebrated Passover by punctiliously conducting a traditional seder.
2) But one might question how punctiliously Kanazi has prepared his apparatus: my quick collation of the first ten pages of the edition against the Bodleian manuscript reveals an average of two or three instances per page where the latter is misrepresented, either because the Bodleian and Tehran readings have apparently been switched or because the Bodleian text has simply been misread or miscopied.
With a few welcome exceptions, the translators have punctiliously bowed to Balzac's awkward use of tenses.
Defense counsel is obliged to properly and adequately make use of these rights, to punctiliously perform his duties, and to fulfill his task in a strictly independent manner.
the effect of badness comes from Shakespeare teaching himself to write like a botched and patchworked old script: to carefully stumble, to punctiliously ruin the flow of his paragraphs with fatally-placed internal couplets, conscientiously flattening his emergent rich late medium into a grey fustian rhythmically and verbally forty years out of date.
Owing to this, true piety had almost ceased to exist; substituted for it was a kind of ceremonial observance, consisting of performing as punctiliously as possible the outward forms of ritual acts which were said to have symbolic power.
Consider that Union commanders, after first punctiliously sending runaway slaves back to their plantations and farms, began, under the influence of the Confiscation Acts, (89) to designate runaway slaves as "contraband.
Jim Gilmore, who sticks punctiliously to every last detail of the old conservatism.