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Synonyms for punctilious

Synonyms for punctilious

showing or marked by attentiveness to all aspects or details

fond of or given to ceremony

Synonyms for punctilious

marked by precise accordance with details


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Some of America's best features--the belief in democracy, equality, consensus building, compromise, fairness, mutual tolerance--can, when carried too punctiliously into the bedroom, result in very boring sex.
There must be no delay in strengthening the law, in doing so allowing the judicial process to function punctiliously and promptly.
You may not be a big sports fan, but let the rest of us enjoy our brief moments of post victory reactions, even though you may feel that they are a bit irrational and even though they may make us say things a little less punctiliously at times.
All these protocols, which were adopted over time, are meticulously updated periodically vis-a-vis feedback received from the patients and the healthcare providers, and are punctiliously followed by all concerned.
But these individuals are Torah scholars--presumably individuals who practice rituals punctiliously.
Here we find a punctiliously crafted story, indeed.
Apparently, this punctiliously mediated representation of the CCP leaders intended to emplot a historically progressive storyline of the CCP leadership evolution, injecting an official version of its political legitimacy and ideological continuity.
A dozen hands punctiliously pull up a chair for her in another corner of the hall.
But the doctors should have used their responsible professional judgment instead of punctiliously adhering to the letter of the law.
Like her parents, [Emma Nosworthy] was very pious and taught her children punctiliously all she had learned of religion.
The Dead White European Male had won over a punctiliously controlling regime.
But when the case is punctiliously prosecuted, success should be the reasonably expected result.
At Hatay Airport," he stated, "the checks and inspections of all passengers coming from and traveling abroad and domestically are carried out punctiliously.
Therapst Disclosure This essential component relates to the therapist disclosure of personal experiences/contents and appears to be very helpful when punctiliously used, only at specific times, where a certain material is relevant for the mentioned issue.
Her father seems to be an emotional person and thus, stands as a good representative of the Eastern temperament while the mother punctiliously, carry the Western aura in her reticence and tendency to philosophize different situations.