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And if you are afraid that I am not what you have been accustomed to, not refined and delicate and punctilious, you may easily carry that too far.
It was no more than an ordinary camp marking- flag; but the regiment, always punctilious in matters of millinery, had charged it with the regimental device, the Red Bull, which is the crest of the Mavericks - the great Red Bull on a background of Irish green.
The few remarkable personalities that count in society and who were admitted into Henry Allegre's Pavilion treated her with punctilious reserve.
Cutler, the British officer, was pachydermatous to ideas, but punctilious about behaviour.
I love the punctilious thoroughness of the whole thing; one can understand its appeal to our careful colonel.
As far as the service goes he is quite punctilious, your excellency; but his character.
The Pellucidarians themselves are rather punctilious about this same matter, so the Sagoth could understand that I might possibly be speaking the truth.
Shaw's books as he valued most, for he had kept his word and given up everything, with the most punctilious integrity.
And, while the next punctilious legal wrangle between the attorneys interrupted his tale of what happened in the Vendome, Carter Watson, without bitterness, amused and at the same time sad, saw rise before him the machine, large and small, that dominated his country, the unpunished and shameless grafts of a thousand cities perpetrated by the spidery and vermin-like creatures of the machines.
If Genestas' name came up when the officers gossiped after drill, they were wont to classify him among the men who begin with taking the good-conduct prize at school, and who, throughout the term of their natural lives, continue to be punctilious, conscientious, and passionless--as good as white bread, and just as insipid.
I made no complaint, but Wolf Larsen demanded the most punctilious sea etiquette in my case,--far more than poor Johansen had ever received; and at the expense of several rows, threats, and much grumbling, he brought the hunters to time.
The old prince, like all fathers indeed, was exceedingly punctilious on the score of the honor and reputation of his daughters.
He received it with a stately inclination of the head and stuck it in the twist of his sarong, with punctilious care to give his weapon a pacific position.
Mr Vladimir and the Assistant Commissioner, introduced, acknowledged each other's existence with punctilious and guarded courtesy.
There is also, perhaps, a desire of punctilious fairness.