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a fine point of etiquette or petty formality

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strict observance of formalities

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It seemed to me a chilling and unnatural piece of punctilio between the children of a family and their instructor and daily companion; especially where the former were in their early childhood, as at Wellwood House; but even there, my calling the little Bloomfields by their simple names had been regarded as an offensive liberty: as their parents had taken care to show me, by carefully designating them MASTER and MISS Bloomfield, &c.
How solemn a business the Observance of Punctilios is among the Female Sex, their set visiting Days and all the Peculiarities which belong to them, may well testify,' sneered the Gentleman's Magazine in 1736.
Boxx, Of Punctilios and Paybacks: The Duty of Loyalty
How long are they supposed to wait for the punctilios of the "human rights" groups to be satisfied before the condition of the actual residents in former Yugoslavia is allowed to improve?
1928) ("The law does not stand upon punctilios if there is a starving wife at home.