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a fine point of etiquette or petty formality

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strict observance of formalities

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We shall, I feel confident, conduct our operations as belligerents without passion and ourselves observe with proud punctilio the principles of right and of fair play we profess to be fighting for.
Perhaps it was a case of academic punctilio mixing with discreet self-censorship in the authorial unconscious to soften or circumvent the promptings of the authorial conscience.
His death was not unconnected to human failing, the sadistic pleasure of the ambulance controller in his own punctilio.
Waiving genres like the song and sonnet, where punctilio came with the territory, one finds in extended stanzaic poems from "The Palace of Art" to The City of Dreadful Night an emphasis on wrought detail for its own sake.
The characters take their devotion to Propriety and punctilio to absurd lengths.
Although the court denied the protest, it concluded that the decision to terminate the contract was "a ridiculous exaltation of bureaucratic punctilio over practicality, contrary to common sense and caused an additional expense of $312,653 because of the technicality of a bid bond.
To paraphrase the late Justice Cardozo, I consider the right to practice law as "a punctilio of an honor of the most sensitive.
Taylor, exhibiting a punctilio of honor badly out of sync with contemporary Washington, refuses, saying: "I'm not going to bribe my government to let me build on my own land.
The order sloughed off some of this punctilio, but much of it left its mark.
Global financial regulation has tried to embrace the spirit of administrative good governance, even as it cannot hope to measure up to every legal punctilio of American governance requirements.
it behooves the practitioner to dot i's and cross t's with at least a bit more punctilio than was observed below.