punching bag

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a person on whom another person vents their anger

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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I suppose after countless hours of hitting a punching bag, one perfects the punching movements.
APPROACHING THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF ITS ENACTMENT and up for congressional reauthorization next year, the No Child Left Behind act continues to be a favorite punching bag for many of the country's largest educational organizations.
I have used the cheap inflatable punching bag or you can use another pole to make them throw in between the poles if you choose.
Bush punching bag ("Toy of the Week" - Playthings Magazine), races to meet overwhelming demand for product.
You've become her emotional punching bag, and that stinks
So even if a rider leans hard on a turn, her low center of mass coupled with gravity's downward force helps restore her to an upright position, much like a weighted punching bag rebounds after it's knocked over.
It seems as if stock options have become the punching bag for public policy-makers.
Like a champion, Sonny slugged the carnival's punching bag so hard that it rang the bell.
This was a grapelike cluster of about three dozen overlapping heads, each approximately the size of a punching bag, suspended on wires from the pole; the vaselike receptacles, bearing the petrified impressions of fingers that handled them fleetingly, aggressively, or tenderly, brought to mind Louise Bourgeois's Lair, 1986.
After all, the GLB community has served as the punching bag of the religious right wing political movement more than once, and the Republican Party has been pandering to the religious right wing for years.
The insurance industry has been a frequent punching bag by techno-pundits," he said.
After his oh-fer performance in Torino, Bode Miller became America's favorite punching bag.
com)-- Aqua Punching Bag with In Focus Brands launched the newest, multiple-purpose training product at the 2014 MMA World Expo Event this week in NYC to rave reviews, great engagement and sales.
So, Carrier and Morgan had 10 male students and nonstudents - ages 22 to 50 and all of them with boxing or martial arts experience - hit a punching bag as hard as they could.