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  • noun

Synonyms for puncher

a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

someone who delivers punches

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a tool for making holes or indentations

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That won the round for Dickinson and while Davies was too slick to be caught cleanly often throughout the fight, the Newcastle puncher stayed on the front foot and that impressed the judges.
Bolger was asked if he would have preferred Puncher Clynch to have had another race after the Ballysa x.
John Ruiz got stopped 14 years ago when he was caught cold early in the fight by one of the biggest punchers out there.
BLACK Country punchers Dean Harrison and Martin Gethin were a smash hit in Las Vegas on Friday night.
The Gaspe Puncher can be found in local smelters such as Inco and Falconbridge, as well as other international mining operations.
The Puncher will run on CWI's C Gas Plus engine, and the Midlum will use CWI's B Gas Plus engine.
Use a hole puncher to punch two holes on top of each side of the heart.
It also features a window puncher, a serrated edge, illuminating strips and a special holster for carrying on a breathing apparatus or belt.
Power Puncher Expected to Pummel at Pechanga in California
hole puncher * two 3x5 index cards * table * mirror * clay * tape * paper * ruler * a room with a door or window to the outside
The neurobiology of a brain, whether it was attached to a Nobel Prize winner or a 9-to-5 clock puncher, has little to say about intellectual prowess without a better understanding of the mechanics of thinking, asserts psychologist Howard Gardner of Harvard University.
If I thought I was a big puncher then I would be deluding myself.
He is obviously a big puncher but I have been in with big punchers before, so I will just have to make sure my hands are up and I go out there and do what I have been training to do.
Though Curran lost the bout over six threes 55-59, he was never overwhelmed by a big puncher and afterwards was asked to help Martinez prepare for a winner-takes-all bout with Commonwealth champion Carl Frampton in Belfast this September.
Broner, 22, is undefeated in 21 fights and won the majority by stoppage to underline his reputation as a big puncher.