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a small board full of holes

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Most of the young-blood pilgrims at Rita's have enjoyed her plenty, calling her the 'town punchboard,' and bragged about how mighty fine is her pussy [.
It seemed like every neighborhood mom and pop store had a little cardboard punchboard with 100 punches one of which was a winner of a cheaply made pistol.
Primeras maquinas * Teorias sobre el para ensenar: el comportamiento Punchboard (S.
In the first half of the 20th century, every little store had a punchboard with one of the main prizes being a nickel-plated pocket pistol.
The personal essay is meant to be like a household implement, a frying pan hanging from a punchboard, or a chat at the kitchen table, though it need not remain domestic; it can become anguished, confessional, iconoclastic, or veer from comfortable wit to mastectomy, chemotherapy, and visions of death, just as the talk in a parlor does.
The map was so full of holes from past pin placement that it looked like one of those old-time punchboards.