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I believe Craik and Reid would like us, the public, to think up images of busloads of louts descending on Wetherspoon's pubs in towns, villages and anywhere else, getting absolutely mortal on pounds 5, causing punch-ups, vomiting and urinating on pavements and doing goodness knows what with the opposite sex up dark alleys to the disgust of residents.
Eleven years of the Blair/Brown punch-ups are enough for anyone
This Corrie special profiles the family - led by Liz and Jim - who arrived in Weatherfield in 1989 and became involved in 37 punch-ups, 10 steamy affairs and 122 domestic disputes.
Staff fall-outs, punch-ups, drunken rants at the boss and alcohol-related vomiting are common features of a works party these days.
SCOTLAND'S build-up for tomorrow's crucial World Cup clash with Fiji was scarred by a couple of internal punch-ups during training this week - and skipper Bryan Redpath could not be more delighted.
The body's general secretary said the BBC had been 'remarkably naive' and encouraged unlicensed punch-ups.
He wouldn't have got the chance to get into punch-ups in bars, or carry a chip on his shoulder which affected his game for 18 months.
but we all know in Walford this means family punch-ups, break-ups and alcoholism.
COUNCILLORS have called on city schools to take action to end the morning and afternoon traffic chaos which has even resulted in punch-ups.
Top meltdowns, couplings, break-ups, booze-ups and punch-ups including Cheryl Cole becoming Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Russell Brand calling for a revolution
It's like just watching the goals and not the whole 90 minutes, like watching rugby only for the punch-ups or motor racing just for the crashes.
Young Zero is played by Tony Revolori and his adventures include a contested missing will, an alpine chase, punch-ups, romance, murders - and a most unfortunate cat.
Newcomers can expect car chases and punch-ups galore in this high-octane sequel.
Ah, Guinness: semi-drinkable embodiment of city-wide punch-ups, Yanks pretending to be Irish and idiotic jester hats bobbing towards Twickenham.
The snarling young Americans are renowned for on-stage punch-ups and hurling broken amps into the crowd.