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EXTRA police officers are to ride trains across West Yorkshire - to stop festive punch-ups.
Ah, Guinness: semi-drinkable embodiment of city-wide punch-ups, Yanks pretending to be Irish and idiotic jester hats bobbing towards Twickenham.
I believe Craik and Reid would like us, the public, to think up images of busloads of louts descending on Wetherspoon's pubs in towns, villages and anywhere else, getting absolutely mortal on pounds 5, causing punch-ups, vomiting and urinating on pavements and doing goodness knows what with the opposite sex up dark alleys to the disgust of residents.
Elsewhere there are punch-ups galore, with Chas hitting Carl when she finds out he slept with Lexi and Andy taking on Charlie when he goads him about Jo - a bad move when the farmer ends up in hospital.
SO CHRISTMAS is upon us, with its parties, its presents and its punch-ups.
This Corrie special profiles the family - led by Liz and Jim - who arrived in Weatherfield in 1989 and became involved in 37 punch-ups, 10 steamy affairs and 122 domestic disputes.
Tramps should be rewarded for clearing glass bottles from the streets to cut the number of drinkers injured in post-pub punch-ups, according to new research.
A LETTER lands with a thump on my desk from the constituency office of AM Alison Halford, who has a couple of interesting points to make about punch-ups.
Glasgow rattled the Maoris with a combative approach and the last of several punch-ups 15 minutes from time resulted in the sending-off of flanker Hare Makiri and John Shaw.
To onlookers watching Saturday's puny punch-ups and curses, there's nothing to choose between either oafish camp.
As a new year begins at Greybridge expect the usual punch-ups behind the bike sheds, inappropriate dresses in assembly and plenty of back chat in class.
The move comes after ministers sparked panic buying and even punch-ups at the pumps by urging motorists to stock up.
Maybe they think this decision will make future punch-ups after racing less likely at Ascot?
Eleven years of the Blair/Brown punch-ups are enough for anyone
Saunders, 48, plays Vivienne Vyle, whose TV show is full of on-air rows and punch-ups in the BBC2 comedy.