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a power driven press used to shape metal parts

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By mid-2004, Wesgar was ready to replace its two remaining mechanical turret punch presses with Finn-Power equipment.
Before purchasing the Shear Genius, Aero-Heat's fabrication department made parts on older mechanical turret punch presses by either nibbling out of a precut blank or blanks were sized in-house using a 12 ft shear and then punched.
Louis, MO, to invest in four high-speed CNC hydraulic turret punch presses for fabrication of electronic enclosures.
North Building, Hall B--The Metal Forming and Fabricating Pavilion at IMTS will showcase the latest innovations in straight side, OBI and hydraulic presses, waterjet cutting equipment, CNC turret punch presses, tube and pipe benders, press brakes, roll benders, shears, welding and robotics welding equipment, hot and cold forming technology, iron workers, spinning machines, wire forming, forming cells and systems, foundry/casting equipment, investment casting equipment, plasma cutting, friction welding, stress relief equipment, coil and sheet handling equipment, and plate benders.
Recently, the BCG's sheet metal department took measures to reduce setup time and improve lead time by adding two CNC turret punch presses and equipping the turrets with four indexable Multi-Tools produced by Strippit/LVD, Akron, NY.
The company has Amada 357 Pega punch presses and Finn Power Sheer Genius machines equipped with shared storage and retrieval systems.
The sale is part of Strippit's strategic plan to focus on its core business of manufacturing CNC turret punch presses, laser cutting systems, metalforming products, and machine tooling for the machine tool industry.
Today, Precision Quincy's manufacturing facility encompasses 200,000 sq ft and houses the latest in metalforming machinery, including two CNC turret punch presses and state-of-the-art shearing and bending equipment.
Computer numerical control (CNC) technology, first introduced to the sheet metal fabrication industry in the 1980s, has made NC punch presses basic machine tools of sheet metal fabricating.
No one doubts the ability of turret punch presses to deliver high productivity in a widening array of forming applications.
Building production scheduling for literally thousands of different jobs around the versatility and flexibility of CNC hydraulic turret punch presses makes a lot of sense these days for job shops.
US Amada's introduction of the Vipros family of CNC controlled hydraulic turret punch presses proved to be the rich environment for cultivating two new ancillary products at its tooling systems division, Amada Engineering and Service Inc (AESI), La Mirada, CA.
To handle the overall punching capacity increase, MPE purchased two Vipros 357 hydraulic turret punch presses in 1992.
Clever control software in combination with robust machine design now provides faster turret punch presses with higher speeds and igher productivity than ever before.
Available in combinations from standalone up to fully automated units, MARS is intended to give sheet-metal fabricators flexible manufacturing capability by serving any mix of shears, press brakes, punch presses, laser cutlers, and other fabricating equipment, in virtually any cellular configuration.