punch line

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the point of a joke or humorous story

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The most important part of the joke is the punch line and more specifically the punch word.
In this joke, the information conveyed by the punch line is that the sister of the gay brothers is a lesbian and thus, everyone in the family is gay.
Women appeared to have less expectation of a reward, which in this case was the punch line of the cartoon," said Reiss.
In the gorgeous book that accompanies the exhibition, Wilner Stack's essay begins with a tease, the punch line to Winogrand's favorite joke: A woman walks through a park with her grandson in a stroller.
The most ridiculous case I saw while on the bench involved a man who was representing himself and suing for malpractice over a penile implant," she says, pausing before whipping out the punch line.
More promisingly, a lesbian clinch in David Lynch's typically surreal Mulholland Drive provides the funniest punch line you'll hear at the movies this year.
The punch line comes to life for the viewer with an animated Arby's signature red hat appearing throughout the spots.
Jacobson follows an unbeatable punch line with a ponderous coda in which an ancient, puffed-up Algernon articulates the message of the play.
A strong sense of triangulation pervades most of the photographs - unsurprisingly, the punch line to the original scenario was the couple's wish that Marder join them on the other side of the camera.
We have consistently shown in the past that when you deliver a solution to customers that moves Learning Objects beyond a marketing punch line, you can generate real results like the $34 million per year savings that Dow Chemical has achieved with TopClass, or the 50% reduction in training costs and 20% increase in revenue that Liberty Insurance Group has seen," said Scott Kadlec, Ph.
Cons: The laugh track's inappropriately enthusiastic responses to jokes are far funnier than any actual punch line.
Myths have a punch line -- we know what we're supposed to think about them -- while reality is much more messy and nonliterary and nonelegant-sounding.
We knew the punch line, so there was no surprise in that.
com and submit whatever punch line they feel would be appropriate to complete the joke.