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a large bowl for serving beverages

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The sage advice of American Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the 1950s and 1960s, William McChesney Martin, and his punch bowl metaphor could do with a mention here.
Blame it on the sad mini-trees, half-empty punch bowls and CEOs dressed as Santa: Holiday-themed office parties have caught a bad rap.
In a 1955 speech, William McChesney Martin, the longest-serving chairman of the Federal Reserve, memorably described his institution as "the chaperone who orders the punch bowl removed just when the party is really warming up.
A spokeswoman for Star Pubs & Bars said: "I can confirm that Star does intend to invest significant funds in upgrading the Punch Bowl, retaining many of its features.
The menu at the Portland Punch Bowl Social, for example, offers four punches, which range from $7 to $8 per serving; $25 to $32 for four servings; and $48 to $64 for eight servings.
They also practiced writing her name backward in cursive; for it to appear correct on the inside-bottom of the finished punch bowl, the clay-coil "writing" would have to be done backward.
Maybe you imagine a "fancy" version with scoops of melting sherbet floating on the surface, pooling at the edges of the cut-glass punch bowl.
We stayed right in the heart of it in tiny Low Row, 11 miles west of the market town of Richmond, in the stunningly positioned 17th century Punch Bowl Inn.
Shaped like a bowl of punch bowl, there's even whole bits of fruit in it.
Whether you''re reaching for a high ball or polishing up the punch bowl, ingredients from exotic places, muddled with fruits from the orchard are a marvellous way to melt away the hours.
Firmin and Sons will be engraving the bowl that will become the trophy for the Big Curry Cook off in Victoria Square on April 9 after a silver punch bowl was donated to the charity by Cliff Hadley, a retired badge and button maker from the Jewellery Quarter.
PUNCH: THE DELIGHTS AND DANGERS OF THE FLOWING BOWL provides a fun history of the punch bowl, blending recipes with humor and history into how punch was first developed for entertaining.
Alluding to criticism that regulators were too slow to control the last economic boom, the chairman of the banking group, Stephen Green, said, 'There is a lot of talk about taking the punch bowl away.
Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint (Newport) - Located 500 feet above the ocean with a breathtaking crescent of white sandy beach stretching to the south, with views of Cape Foulweather's promontory and the Devil's Punch Bowl.
The director of gangster movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels already has his own pub, The Punch Bowl in London's Mayfair.