punch bag

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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Andrew Lynch has been on board Punch Bag for all three of his hurdles successes and is in the saddle once more for this €26,000 highlight.
Punch Bag had to settle for seventh in a Clonmel handicap next time, but that race has been working out well lately.
In the real world men are ashamed to talk about abuse - the idea of a man being used as a punch bag by a woman is unthinkable.
The youths said the house belonged to them and the punch bag was in a room inside which the youth offered to take him in and show him.
A family of four has won a punch bag signed by Welsh boxer Jamie Arthur in a competition held by Bellway Homes Wales.
It's not about punching away at a lonely punch bag.
Kevin (William Finn Miller) is a punch bag for his volatile mother Gloria (Natascha McElhone) and father Dennis (Con O''Neill) until social services intervene, placing the boy in a home.
The 31-year-old first came up with a punch bag echoing a scene in Rocky in which Sylvester Stallone's character trains by hitting sides of beef.
Daniel is convinced the lad will feel much better if he takes his frustrations out on a punch bag rather than on a stolen car so takes him to see Joe, his old boxing coach.
He also had to show his fitness by undertaking 100 sit-ups and squat thrusts, 100 press-ups plus ten rounds on the punch bag and a mile run.
Peter, already rated as one of the world's fittest; SP; KNEESY DOES IT: Nicol gets tough with trainer Mike Kindley; FIRST TO THE PUNCH: Nicol drives a straight right into the punch bag, watched by fellow national league player, Tim Garner.
pe ext Pu With classes including The Human Punch Bag, Boobercise and The Rave, anything goes.
The team captain was impressive giving her luckless opponent three standing counts and, with a 16-0 lead the bout was wisely stopped when the Kenyan was little more than a punch bag.
AN entrepreneur who set up a novelty punch bag business after being inspired by boxing movie Rocky plans to expand overseas after walking away with a pounds 10,000 prize.