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Synonyms for pun

Synonyms for pun

a humorous play on words

make a play on words

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After a student and I have considered the instructor's expectations and decided that puns are a suitable tool for the assignment at hand, I then define for my students what "good pun usage" entails.
I love puns, perhaps now the least fashionable form of wit.
As of December 2015, Pun said the total value of Asean trade for 2013-2014 was $2.
It is an interaction between Hero (a lady), Margaret (her waiting gentlewoman) and Beatrice (Hero's cousin), where Hero utters two sequences only (inadvertently providing input for Margaret's pun on STUFFED with her second turn) and is practically a non-participatory discourse party.
But the only people who find puns funny are people who have no sense of humour; and the only people who favour the use of puns in advertising are people who have no understanding of how adver- tising works.
For his part, Pun affirmed that his visit to Kuwait was aimed at boosting the economic cooperation and bolstering the "commercial partnership" with the Gulf country.
8221; In more developed areas where technology resources and quality education are more accessible, Pun says that students find it easier to grasp the connection between education and their aspirations beyond the classroom.
Corporal Pun had earlier defended three comrades and himself in an attack by 30 Taliban insurgents at Helmad checkpost.
Cpl Pun said: "I thought I was definitely going to die so I'd kill as many as I could.
THE PUN ALSO RISES: HOW THE HUMBLE PUN REVOLUTIONIZED LANGUAGE, CHANGED HISTORY, AND MADE WORDPLAY MORE THAN SOME ANTICS argues that the pun changed language and fostered progress in modern society as a result.
Tul Bahadur Pun won the military decoration after he saved the lives of dozens of his comrades by single-handedly attacking a Japanese machine gun position in Burma, in June, 1944.
Mohammed bin Amin Al-Jefri met here today Singapore&'s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Wong Kwok Pun.
If only you could see how proud we are for sneaking in a pun in a comment on puns).
TOO small to reach the top of the hearse carrying her Gurkha father and too young to fully understand, Eva Purja Pun was lifted by a relative to place her floral tribute.