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Synonyms for pun

Synonyms for pun

a humorous play on words

make a play on words

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Who can forgive "And I swear it's Oath", a pun made all the more loathsome by the `and here's one I made earlier' nature of its delivery?
A funeral for Pun, who settled in West London, will be held in Nepal.
Private Tirthraj Thapa, who served in the same regiment as Cpl Pun, 33, and lost a leg in an explosion in Afghanistan in May, went to the hearse in his wheelchair to pay his respects.
Pun said the Maoists movement will now focus on safeguarding the "national independence" and resist foreign intervention.
She said: "I've known the name Bahadar Pun since I was four.
What's Going On;" the new R&B sensation, Ne-Yo guests on the radio-friendly "Feels So Good" and "Thug Luv" is a very special duet between Remy and the late Big Pun.
Fay Weldon had been on the pun production line before she wrote her first novel.
The title song, "Bananaphone," is both pun and jab, a timely word- playish poke at the mega-bite, techno-crazed treadmill.
But when Pun died suddenly of heart failure on February 7, 2000, Cuban Link lost his mentor and creative partner and seemingly, his career.
Lieut Neal Turkington, 26, and Cpl Arjun Purja Pun, 33, were killed minutes later on Tuesday last week when Hussein fired a grenade into the base's command centre.
Scoffing at puns is a conditioned reflex, and through the centuries groan-ups have aimed a steady barrage of libel and slander at pun ladies and pun gents.
I never cease to marvel at Shakespeare's ability to pun on words, and the profound truths he often humorously conveys.
The key to interpreting Leonardo becomes inclusiveness: Christ's "two-natured hand in its congruent godhood [instituting the Eucharist] and frailty [announcing betrayal] is the profoundest pun in all art.
It's just one big - pardon the godawful pun, but then that's the spirit of the enterprise - ``moose-stake.
Suzie Hwang Pun presented data on the company's proprietary Cyclosert(TM) drug delivery technology at the Non-Viral Systems & In Vivo Applications Symposium in San Diego on Dec.