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having the equatorial diameter greater than the polar diameter


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Indulge in thrilling pampering treats like Lush's new pumpkin-shaped Jacko bath ballistics, pounds 2.
White chocolate ghost cookies, a pumpkin-shaped cake, and crackers topped with pumpkin-shaped cheese proved to be favorites.
Patrick's Day with little green shamrock lights; red, white and blue lights that take us from Flag Day to the Fourth of July; and pumpkin-shaped orange lights to set the mood for Halloween.
With the stores gearing up for Halloween, cooks might want to try their hand at a festive pumpkin-shaped cake made with the new Wilton Pumpkin Cake Pan.
The bride wore a Barbie doll-inspired candyfloss pink dress encrusted with crystals and arrived in a pumpkin-shaped coach.
If the students put the clay on the table to work, the pinch pots tend to become more like a bowl and less pumpkin-shaped.
Nestle Rowntree also says it will be stepping up its activity for Hallowe'en this year with pumpkin-shaped chocolates and bug-shaped confectionery following a successful 2005.
PERFECT the haunted house look with a selection of Rosebys' pumpkin-shaped ceramic candleholders.
Crate & Barrel has gone batty for the holiday with a slew of products, such as appetizer picks topped with witches and black cats, an orange Halloween treat bowl, pumpkin-shaped tureens and bowls, cauldron place-card holders, Halloween striped spreaders and pumpkin candles.
When three pumpkins begin to develop, remove any additional female flowers--the ones with the pumpkin-shaped bulge immediately behind them.
There are umpteen varieties, from pumpkin-shaped salad tomatoes to tiny cherry ones.
This superpressure pumpkin-shaped balloon was to fly for more than 30 hours, including an impressive flight over a severe thunderstorm at night, before its flight was terminated with all objectives of the test met.
She designed a 400lb cake with pumpkin-shaped carriage, six horses and mice for footmen.
In the Sun Hill case, however, the defendant admitted that his idea for a pumpkin-shaped leaf bag came about as a result of seeing the plaintiff's Giant Stuff-a-Pumpkin bag, but that deliberate steps were taken not to copy the plaintiff's graphic design.