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a house where pumps (e


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The 414,000-gpm Lathrop North Pumping Station is to be constructed over the next two years and will enhance the Westside Drainage Basin.
District voters last November approved the bond proposal for a third pumping station by a comfortable margin, even though debt service payments on the series 2003 bonds will require a doubling of the district's total tax rate from its admittedly modest current level.
We collect one or two trucks of garbage in every pumping station and we expect the number to increase this wet season," said Emma Quiambao, MMDA Flood Control and Sewerage Management Director.
CLWA is proposing to pay Newhall County $700,000 up front, plus $850,000 for construction, design and engineering for a second pumping station at Lost Canyon Road.
Pleased with the city's experience using prefabricated underground pumping stations, Collierville officials and the city's consultants opted for a high-capacity underground station.
For the first time in 50 years, San Juan did not experience flooding after this pumping station became fully operational," MMDA chair Francis Tolentino said in a statement.
Managing Director KWSB Misbahuddin Fareed, presiding over a meeting, asked all his senior officers to ensure safety and proper working of KWSB installations including bulk water supply lines, filter plants, pumping stations, reservoirs, treatment plants, sewerage lines, sewerage pumping stations during the monsoon rains, said a release here on Sunday.
Another sticking point of the deal would allow Newhall County to use proceeds from the sale to build a second pumping station in Lost Canyon for the Honby Lateral, which connects to Castaic Lake's state imported water line at a pumping station behind Home Depot on Soledad Canyon Road.
IPL is closely involved with local power companies to restore full service to all the affected pumping stations, and continues to work with shippers and feeder pipelines to reduce the overall impacts resulting from the outage.
Tenders are invited for the work includes the rehabilitation of the county route 641 pumping station includes, but is not limited to, installation of new submersible grinder pumps and controls, valves, piping, wet well basin cover and hatch, bollards, and a new electrical service, connection to existing forcemain, cleaning of and modifications to an existing wet well, bypass pumping, conducting test pits to locate existing sanitary force main, removal of existing pump station equipment and wet well basin cover, traffic control and site restoration.
While that brings relief to environmentalists, some still are upset that the CLWA would consider taking on the expense of installing a pipe system and pumping station though the supervisors haven't reconsidered Westridge.
Construction costs are estimated at $34 million for the initial STA project and $15 million for the first pumping station, one of the largest ever built in the United States.
The pay commission to "Discharge Makkum - Bolsward" includes achieving: new pressure pipe around 400 sewage pumping station Makkum to Bolsward WWTP.
Fixed part 1: construction and hydroelectric pumping station in Hasselt.