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a pump house at a spa where medicinal waters are pumped and where patrons gather

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The Pump Room Gardens will also be filled with festive music and tasty refreshments to get people in the Christmas spirit.
20pm the Kingsway Tunnel was closed to traffic in both directions following the activation of a fire alarm in one of the under-deck pump rooms at mid-river.
When I finally forced them to do something they went to the pump room, opened a hatch and my son's body came out.
For Sally and Tribute to Sally, pieces in celebration of her 50th birthday by James MacMillan and Peter Maxwell Davies, are premiered by the Nash Ensemble at Pittville Pump Room on July 5.
There was a considerable amount of water in t he pump room and we were called to ensur e it did not reach any electrical equipment.
Starting in the basement, we check the boiler room, pump room, elevator motor room, oil tank, pump, air-conditioning and compactor rooms, roof tank alarm, etc.
The Roman Baths Museum and Pump Room in Bath, England, a unique tourist attraction, were refurbished with Feilden Clegg in 1988 with a new entrance reception, lavatories and kitchens, while Roman remains were restored and re-lit While work was in progress the structure was repaired and strengthened.
Our crews have completed restoration of electrical power to the 1700 level pump room and the 2500 level," said Mike McLean, Mine Manager.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of eb service connection for pump room s/q at santhaipettai, Tiruppur
People will be invited to create knitted graffiti artwork for two of the Royal Pump Room columns, which will then be ''yarn bombed'' and camouflaged to celebrate the forthcoming exhibition.
The Pump Room Gardens have tree-lined walks, a magnificent cedar tree and flowers galore alongside The Parade.
3 will replace the landmark Pump Room restaurant in Chicago.
Fire crews were called to pump room Number One at the Queensway entrance in Birkenhead at around 7am when the water level reached two feet and threatened electric wiring.
Tenders are invited for Providing service connection to feeder line path and flood light near pump room at HPT, AIR, Nangli, Delhi.
One small tree was knocked over and there was damage to large branches of four trees in the Pump Room Gardens.